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Emirates, Etihad to boost screening on Australia flights

Emirates and Etihad airlines will tighten screening for passengers flying to Australia this week after the country imposed new requirements for enhanced explosives detection, the UAE companies said Monday. Australia on Friday announced it would increase screening of passenger baggage on flights from Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, as well as Doha, Qatar. ( 기타...

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Tighten screening??? How much more tight can it be??
At Dubai, you get screened when you get to the gate for the flight to OZ, AND then before you get on the plane you get screened again!!!! And then at Brisbane, you get off the plane for the fuel stop to AKL AND get screened again before getting to the entrance at the SAME gate!!!! Like they expect you took something illegal off the plane to get it back on to the plane. How much more screening do they want?????

Maybe the OZ and USA governments should require all passengers to fly naked. Then they wouldn't need to screen.
just the same in USA get off the plane and get screened again just like you said "Like they expect you took something illegal off the plane to get it back on to the plane "
So they should I mean BNE airport screening is hopeless and all BULL.
Nothing new about screening, 4 years ago same thing happened to us in Frankfurt on our way to Istanbul from San Francisco. also coming back with a change flight in Munich I guess its all about security and wouldn't mine personally.


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