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Boeing 737, which ‘took the aviation world by storm,’ marks 50 years of flight

The first flight of Boeing’s original 737 took place 50 years ago on Sunday, and Seattle’s Museum of Flight will mark the anniversary with a celebration that’s open to the public for the price of admission. ( 기타...

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This is an event of note. I plan to be at the museum of flight to celebrate the anniversary first flight of an airplane I flew for 27 incredible years at Continental, Air India and a private operator.
I envy you, Capt. Townsend.
Wow, 50 years already lol. And the original is still kicking around too. I bet it aged far better than I have even before it's restoration.....and it's 1 year and 29 days older than me at that haha.
The Boeing 737 took the world by storm and it's passed the Airbus jets like the A320 for service a real good little city jet it is
Couldn't you have just complimented the 737 without putting Airbus down???
Well said.


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