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The 5min DAL flight from Manhattan to KJFK

Delta partners with BLADE to provide helicopter transfer service from Manhattan to JFK, with all of the elite perks one would expect upon arrival at JFK. Beats a taxi or Uber! ( More...

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indy2001 7
Back when US Helicopter offered trips from the Downtown Heliport to JFK between 2005 and 2009, also in partnership with Delta, they advertised an 8 minute flight time. How did 37% of the flight time get shaved off by this new service? Way back in the mid 70s, I got to fly on a NY Airways helicopter from EWR to JFK with a stop at the Heliport. It was a beautiful day as we flew over Manhattan. I have a picture of the World Trade Center towers from that ride that I treasure now.
Mike Mohle 4
I have flown that one several times in the Beechjet for repos. Quick and busy trip indeed and much easier on IFR days. When VFR they expect you to climb out and then immediately join downwind or base at the same time depending on runway in use.
Mike Mohle 2
Done this repo to/from JFK/LGA several times in the Beechjet. Quick and busy trip!
Why use the helicopter shuttle over public transit or taxi?
Upon touchdown, a member of Delta’s Elite Services team will welcome the customer, collect baggage and will escort them from the helicopter via awaiting ground transportation to the departure terminal, expediting security clearance as they head to their departing aircraft.
Mike Mohle 6
And you get to feel special, and even thumb your nose at the peasants while doing so! LOL.
tim mitchell 6
Ground transportation...pfft....I won't settle for anything less than walking distance from the plane...As a matter of fact I want to be the last passenger to board so that I can make a grand
Robert Graff 3
Five minutes from Dallas Love Field? That's what I get for skimming the headline!
mskierki 2
How do they figure that this will only take five minutes? It is 12 miles from KJFK.
crk112 5
They used math.

12nm at 140kts is about 5 minutes' flight time.

6 minutes if they only do 120kts.
tim mitchell 4
Oh the dreaded E6B...LOL
dbkoob -3
Sorry, why would you when it only takes 30 minutes to get to the city with Airtrain And LIRR. This is absolutely stupid.
Not if you can - and in the opposite direction you wait until the last minute to depart.
joel wiley 5
1. It saves 25 minutes
2. It demonstrates that you are 'privileged' and deserve the attention and service.
3. It allows you to show that you are important enough for someone to pay that much for your conveyance.
4. It isolates you from the hoi polloi on Airtrain and LIRR.
dbkoob 0
I have always found space on the Airtrain and LIRR so 4 is wrong for conveyance you still have to go into a landing - takeoff pattern for helicopters and that takes at least another 15 minutes. So it 40 min vs 45 max for airtrain and LIRR i just don't see why anyone would do it
15 mins. for takeoff-landing patterns, where'd you pull that one from???
Also, 5 min. flight plus your 15 min. pattern doesn't equal 40 mins.
Also, nothing stupid about it, one could take the plane or the ship to England, it's called personal preference...
joel wiley 1
Not to mention charter or buy and fly your own.
Braniff77 4
Because first you have to find the Airtrain, ride it to Jamaica, wait for an LIRR train, and then ride to Manhattan. And with luggage, the Airtrain/LIRR transfer isn't always very convenient. So maybe actual time on the trains is 30 minutes, but getting to them and waiting for one can add quite a bit of time to the trip.
dbkoob 2
I have done it Airtran comes every 10 minutes LIRR every 15 to Penn and every 30 to Atlantic. So the longest you have to wait is 45 minutes.


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