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Fight breaks out on Southwest Flight

Southwest flight From Dallas To Oakland with Stopover in Burbank. ( 기타...

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Incidents like this just show us what kind of Society we live in now-a-days. Lack of civility and course. And this is progress?
mariofer 12
This is the result of the last 30 years telling our kids they are entitled to everything they want and "be themselves" without any fear of consequences. The only different between these people and the kid throwing a temper tantrum is the age. We have completely forgotten that one's rights end where the rights individuals around you begin.
You are so right!!!
You really have to feel for flight attendants who are forced to intervene in these ridiculous situations. Trying to do their job while some idiots cause a ruckus. I saw a quote a few years ago from an aging flight attendant. She said when she began with Pan Am they gave her a pair of white gloves. Today they gave her plastic handcuffs.
mariofer 2
You are on the money. FA and gate personnel get treated like garbage day in and day out. They receive the wrath of everything from flight delays to baggage fees. You want to know how bad they get treated? On your next trip, be courteous and smile to any airline personnel. You will be amazed of what you get in return.
A cup??
This has been brewing for 30 years. We are now a "me" society. And because of political correctness, the unwillingness to offend anyone and of course when the authorities step in to stop this stuff, we then turn against the authorities.
This is why nobody does anything to enforce the rules of a civilized society
scott8733 12
Thanks for watching, folks.

This video is brought to us by the following sponsors : deregulation, an entitlement-based society, lack of respect for authority, and dysfunctional social / communication skills.
Tom Pera 14
and 28" spacing between seats...
Deregulation? Please.
Put them on the "No FLY" list forever. They will not board another civilian aircraft for a flight, ever. Take their jungle antics and behavior back to the bus terminal or train station. That better happen or what we've seen so far is just the beginning.
narayan 4
Flying GA has never been more attractive.
Airliners and airports have become the new buses and bus stations. "All aboard".
So right!!!
If I were on this flight, a choke hold would have been applied. LOL
good grief! what is wrong with people..i guess courtesy and respect for others has gone by the wayside to low class no class on airplanes..having worked in the industry for many years, I can say the type of person flying changed in the late 70's and early 80's with the advent of so many,many cheap fares that were offered..
I think you may be right, but on the other hand I think it is more that the societal makeup has changed dramatically. Too many kids with improper or no adult supervision grew up to be parents and the horrible effect on society is becoming more and move evident in my opinion. Our culture has taken a huge nosedive into violence, irresponsibility, filthy language and lack of concern for others. It's a shame, really. I believe that one thing that would change things is for these brats and their children to live overseas in a part of the world where the local culture is more civilized (!) and less self-centered and preferably the people ares simply less fortunate. Just my two cents' worth, though.
It demonstrates also the kind of education these morons have had at home and in so called "schools" for the last 30 years!!!
There should be an addition to the safety flight briefing for passengers at the beginning of the flight. "Any problems with other passengers, see a flight attendant. Any disruption of the flight is a federal offense, you will be arrested when depaning and you will be prosecuted to the maximum extent allowed by law. Thank you for your cooperation and have a pleasant flight".
You really think there are laws up there today????
I think the courts need to uphold the $250,000 and or 10 years in jail sentence to show these to show people we're not kidding you when you interfere with safe airline operations. Until stiff penalties like this are implemented, unruly passengers will continue to rule the skies. Also, the airlines need to evaluate their policies to better take care of their customers.
btweston 2
I suppose this triggered the fight-on-flight response...
simple solution to all these passenger problems.
like "physical cargo".....just lock the "human cargo" in place.....until it's time
to "unload" the cargo....
Caused either by alcohol, or the stress of trying to get through the TSA checkpoint.
I would guess these two morons were Oakland-bound.
Why Oakland? Having been born there, I take offense to that ignorant, off the cuff remark. Where are you from? You think morons don't go there?

The flight was from Dallas - Burbank-OAKLAND
The article mentioned that the man arrested was from Lancaster. Burbank is the nearest commercial airport to Lancaster (now that United no longer flies into Palmdale), so I suspect he, at least, was terminating at Burbank.
So many people are just idiots... I guess that guy did not make his next flight!
Can't say that GA is the way to go, I have had passengers tell me it was "NOT an okay flight," after flying an approach to minimums, and a tip toe landing. I wanted to give them a shot to the gut or better still leave them where I dropped them off. People's expectations and sense of entitlement is over the top.
I guess we no longer have air marshals.
dee9bee 2
The Air Marshals aren't really there for this type of thing.
d.i....yes there are still air marshalls..however, they are not on every flight,and this altercation occurred after the plane landed...
Thanks, Mary, for the response. You know who referees for some sports stay on the field until both teams have left to reduce post-game confrontations? Perhaps, we will have another "official" added flights to deal with domestic disturbances. And we thought terrorists were our greatest problem.
That's so true another incident happened two days ago on board a ANZ NZ1 flight over KJFK involving a women it was herd on the Frequency channel of ATC KBOS at FL35,000FT on the way to EGLL
Have you'll noticed this happens, so far, only is US Airlines???? That's what you get for eight years of division politics. The Management of those carriers must be entities with very large and pointed ears.


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