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World’s First Electroluminescent Paint to Light up Skies on Airbus Jets

Darkside Scientific, creators of LumiLor Light Emitting Coating, is working with European aircraft manufacturer Airbus to create electroluminescent exterior markings for aircraft. The announcement was made today. “This is an exciting new product that can turn surfaces into functional elements in an unconventional way” Tweet this LumiLor is the world’s first and only patented electroluminescent paint. The product allows manufacturers to design with light in ways previously impossible. It produces… ( 기타...

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Now watch all the nut jobs call in about UFO's?
Come on. You know they're real.
Technically there are no Unidentified Flying Objects. In reality they are all identified. This is 2017, not 1917.
bbabis 2
Are you saying they are identified as unidentified, therefore all identified?
Mind: blown.
bbabis 2
I've always said, if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bulls***.
Years ago during Gulf War 1 I was living on Pensacola Beach Fl...TONS of UFO sightings...then, years later we found out all of the B2's were leaving Eglin, bombing then returning.
Painting the registration and fleet numbers would be a good start.
I'm picturing something like and A-380 completely coated in this paint and coming in for a landing. People will think the moon slipped a bit in it's orbit.
Could be very useful for drones, especially those in commercial use, which, IMHO, should be dayglo orange.
I can see it now planes at 30,000ft with advertisements glowing from the bottom of planes. What's next?
Chris B 4
Increasing reports of UFO's near airports......

What happens when it gets hit by lightning?
mariofer 10
Goes into Disco mode
Sounds to me that even though a strange new idea, it's also a great idea. First from a safety stand point. It has the capability to increase visibility at night and at low altitudes prevent many mid air collisions and near misses.
Also is good advertising for the carriers that use it. Good all the way around in my opinion.
Jon Herd -4
Mid air collisions? Near misses? What?

When was the last mid air? 1952?

anything inside of akm is a near miss.

capt108 5
2006 in Brazil, 1978 San Diego and more than 10 a year with GA aircraft...
Jon Herd 0
So, eleven years ago, and 39 years ago.

bbabis 3
Anti-Stealth may be a better name.
Cool. Awesome.
Evan F 3
Imagine the paint on one of the engine blades. Proabbly a pretty cool sight
bbabis 4
Seams like it would also pair well with all electric aircraft to save power for propulsion instead of lights.
This is also electrically powered. It doesn't consume a lot of power, but it's electroluminescent.

But it'll almost certainly help with see-and-avoid in low lighting conditions.
that is outstanding
As a former FAA Air Traffic controller @ ORD & LAX, I can see some possible advantages here. If you ever worked Ground Control at a busy airport at night, trying to keep track of 15-20 arriving and departing flights simultaneously, it would be really helpful to have the airline name visible on the fusilage, rather than just a maize of flashing lights.
Wingrat 1
Excellent use advances safety and many visiability issues. To prevent mass hysteria and UFO reporting to absurd levels perhaps an advanced publicity campaign about this paint would be in order.
Wonder what would happen with the first lightning strike?
mariofer 1
How long do you all think before someone claims the light is disrupting wildlife?
Could light up the word FRONTIER on their Airbus's. Wouldfn't that be disrupting wildlife.
Matt Lacey -1
As soon as it's fully rolled out. That way they can maximize the fines.
RECOR10 -1
I wonder what idiot down voted your post! I bet the person flies only wind powered hang gliders made of bamboo and renewable hemp cloth....
Personally I like nice clean conservative colors, lines and decorations instead of all the glitter and color of a Billboard advertisement of Budweiser. Branif painted their Airplanes all different colors, until they reminded you of The Circus coming to town. It didn't help their image a bit. I prefer Melania Trump's appearance to Dolly Parton any day.
A guy named Gary Klein used to make VERY high end MTN bikes with this paint on it (some 20 years ago). It looked VERY cool...but, it was about 1/2 a pound heavier than the same bike with out the paint....
Hopefully by now the paint has evolved and is lighter weight. Sure would be something to see on a dark night.
RECOR10 1, I click on the information for the paint. Then I click on the map, then I click on a place near me that is on their list of places to get the paint...then....this (NSFW). Not sure that is in tune with a typical avionics painter.
!/2 pound heavier on a bike, will be several hundred pounds heavier on a plane just to print airline name, logo name or the plane type. Airlines hate excess dry weight.s Their is no trade off for excess dry weight it is weight the airline can't sell and cost fuel to move. This will not go anyplace with the airlines.
That's funny, I clicked onto squawk to say the exact same thing!


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