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Singapore Airlines Quietly Parks First Airbus A380

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has parked the first Airbus A380 aircraft to enter commercial service. ( 기타...

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The good news is there is still plenty of parking in Mojave....
Tom Pera 7
great big airplanes (A380, B747-8, B777-9X) not doing well... 787, A350 small enough to bypass big hubs - direct flights the future...
777-9X has 273 orders according to Wiki. Of course that is not official, but that many orders for a variant seems ok. We all know that the A380 and the 747 are doomed. 747 is going, A380 dying a slow, painful death.
Tom Pera 1
no US airline has ordered 777-9X... most to Mid-East airlines... worrisome... hope the best for Boeing
For some odd reason, it seems most, if not all, US airlines seem to not order an aircraft unless they physically see it...where as mid-east and European airlines look at it "ohhh cool, I'll take some" in point the A380...if Emirates had not placed so big an order, I don't think it would have got off the ground.
Didn't know that. Good point. However, if they are ordering the 777-X, that does not bode well for the A380. At all!
Tom Pera 4
absolutely... A380 is done... unfortunately so is the 747-800
Technology has left both of them behind. The 747 had a great run, it changed passenger aviation forever. The A380 should have never made it off the drawing board.
Actually the 748 is doing better, now, than the A380...the later has received no new orders and Boeing has 23 new 748 orders in both Pax and freighter configuration...the A380 is done, as Airbus never put any thot into what to do with it after, whereas Boeing knew all along that its 747 could be made a freighter, if and when needed.
Boeing has delivered the last passenger 747 on the books. There are some freighter still on order, but the 747 is on the ropes with 16 to go. The A380 still has 100 to deliver, but no one wants the used ones coming off of lease. Bad news. It could turn into a white elephant in a year or two.
Sorry but I dont take to heart what Wikipedia says..Volga-Dnepr has 20 more freighters ordered with oprions...UPS has their 14 ordered with options for 16 unidentified mid-east corp has an order for 5, 2 being pax units..yes I agree both are coming to an end but the A380 has no new orders at all and of the 100 left to "deliver", approx half may not get delivered....many customers have deferred delivery on the remaining units...Airlines didn't use their heads when ordering these mammoth's...Boeing caused their own 747 demise with the 787 and triple 7's and Airbus did so with the A350
"wikipedia"...true. Only an estimate. We probably don't know all the dealings going on behind that curtain. Whatever the numbers, the reality is that both these jets are doomed by new technology.
Doomed maybe a strong word..outlived the usefulness might be better, but I think the 747 will continue on, as freighters, long after the Airbus mammoth has been parked..they are even trying to push the A380 as an ABJ or Private luxury unit...but when customers realize any airports they want to visit, if they arent A380 equipped, have to pay for any upgrades needed, kind of leaves a sour taste in the mouth (think the Saudi Prince who wanted an A380 "personal cruiser" but bought a 748
I guess I should have clarified my response. Production of new units is doomed. But I agree, the 747 will probably fly for another 25 years or more as freighters and charter aircraft. I don't see the A380 going near that long.
Ah yes...sorry having 1 of those brain fart weeks...I dont see the A380 going that long either...makes you wonder why a 10 yr old craft is getting parked with speculation from the lessor of scrapping it.
White elephant comes to mind. It's a shame this happened so quickly. While it's too big for my liking, the A380 is a nice aircraft. Seems like a horrible waste.
bizprop 1
That's because Delta buys mostly Airbus wide bodies and United and American both have new and young fleets of the B777-300ER.
bizprop 1
There is no demand for four engine long haul aircraft. Comparing the A380 to the B777X is like comparing apples to oranges. The A380 has been in service for over a decade and Airbus have only delivered approximately 250. The Boeing 77X has two variants and deliveries are not scheduled to begin until late 2019 yet they have orders for 326. Big airplanes are not a thing of the past, just big four engine airplanes. The success of the Boeing 777 is proof of that.
It will be interesting to see if the Lessor does in fact part out the first two aircraft. They are about 10 years old and will have relatively few cycles. It does not bode well for the A380 program, and I would have thought that these aircraft could potentially be of interest to freight carriers like Fedex or UPS who have high capacity long haul routes. Emirates will also be looking to move some of their older (still around 10 years) airframes. I will watch with interest as this develops.
Neither FedEx nor UPS would be interested in them as freighters...unfortunately Airbus never designed these for proper freighter conversion and it would costs to much to fit them as a freighter, if at all.
Actually, FedEx had placed an order for the 380...but problems on the passenger version pushed our delivery dates out 2 or 3 years. FedEx cancelled the orders.
I was referring to andy's comment...they still aren't interested in them as freighters..another reason they scrapped the idea is it would have costs them an additional $170 mil USD to do upgrade work to Memphis airport just to accomodate it and then additional monies for material handling units...that and the 748F can actually carry more weight.
This is a fascinating train wreck to watch. Nobody wants them new, now they don't want them used either. You can't scrap all of them for parts. At some price point, somebody has to buy them, right? But who?
Even if you acquired them for free it would cost you a bomb to keep them parked somewhere. The definition of a white elephant and a liability for anyone who owns one.

Cathay Pacific are the only airline I can see who would have use for a high capacity aircraft, given the slot constraints at HKG. But they are doing cost-cutting of their own right now.
How did they do it quietly? Was it able to fly without engines?
They must have used an electric tug when they pushed it into the hanger
Technically the A380 is a very good aircraft. Logistics wise not a popular choice for many carriers.
In service for only 10 years...I understand the first few of these jets were heavier than the later versions...if that is a factor in its early retirement.
Probably not...they never paid for themselves...what with all the cost outlay airlines had to do to help facilities, they would have to be booked at capacity to make them work effeiently...and as stated earlier, if not for Emirates, I don't think they would have even left the ground.
I keep thinking that, flying slower to save fuel, the A380 makes a good econo-tourist vehicle for summer crowded routes, such as bargain charters to Europe, or Europe to South America in winter. But of course the established carriers in the industry don't want this competition.
Did the A380 meet it's claim for fuel efficiency?
I wish we could know for sure...but if we see all these airlines dropping it, that's for sure an indicator it's not that efficient enough to justify maintaining it flying except to make it as said by Rob Palmer "a good...vehicle for summer crowded routes" or flying large crowd of workers from southern Asia to Middle East labor-hungry emirates and sultanates
Jon Herd 1
Will the 747 live on as a freighter or convertible?

The A380 is too cumbersome for freighter use.
The A380 couldn't be an economical freighter and the 747..yes it will live on as companies always need freighters..heck even some 100 and 200 series 747s are out and about
where are all these airplane and aviation specialists who used to pollute the air claiming the A380 is the future of air transportation ? I'm not one of them, just a savvy passenger. The first time I flew the A380 from IAD to CDG and CDG to JNB (first flight on First Class (on the main deck great cabin and fine environment) and second flight on the upper deck first row window seat_), I told myself this plane has no future when browsing around it, suffering long lines for boarding and leaving the plane, and less height space in the upper deck, I'm a 6in5) for the economics, maintenance and fuel savings, I leave it to the finance and technical guise and of course to Emirates management who seems to have a rationale to keep going with the A380......
Chris B 1
Lease up so not unexpected. Ryanair can probably get 700 on them...


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