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United Airlines Adds 10 Airbus A350s, Switches -1000s to Smaller Model

United Airlines has converted orders for 35 A350-1000 aircraft to the smaller A350-900 and added 10 of the latter model to the overall order. ( More...

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With the end of United's 747 service in October, they need more than just 87's and 77-300's to fill in the gaps.
Tom Bruce 1
OK....why 787-800/787-900 AND the A350?? don't understand why they want both? help?
Ruger9X19 4
Probably a combination of them not being beholden to a single point supplier, maximizing route efficiencies, and in the unlikely event there is an issue with FAA demanding emergency AD's on a specific model their whole fleet isn't grounded.
Tom Bruce 2
thanks... just think it costs so much more to have a number of different planes - parts - ground equipment etc -
but, love to see all the different types at SFO...
Ant Miraa 1
Yes its the same reason delta and american both had md80 and 737 even though they are comparable
matt jensen 1
It was a good deal and/or it could replace something that won't be delivered?
They signed a MOU with both Boeing and Airbus pre-Continental merger for 25 of each type: 25 of the B787, 25 of the A350. They were to replace the B772s they have in their fleet (remember, UAL was the launch customer of the B777, and those are still in their fleet), the B767s, and possibly the B744s. Seeing that they are now going to have a KIAH-YSSY run in a B789, it would make sense that they would also use them to phase out the B747s.
jetserf 3
Old Ual was in desperate need of fleet modernization. After the stock swap and name change a lot of former Ual 757s left the combined company. All the 747 are on the way out as well. The 763s are staying for now and we are looking for more used 763s. The A350s are deferred for 5 years.
All true. In fact the last 747 flight is scheduled for the end of October.
pilotjag 0
Don't forget they also have the 787-10 on order as well
Tom Bruce 0
yeah...seems duplicative....
Shenghao Han 0
It is a marketing strategy. "Our competitor have it so we should also have it..." It is sign that UA is not confident 787 and 777x will perform better than A350 family.
Also, Pilot pool is limited, some Airbus pilots are best trained to continue fly Airbus (E.g. from A320 to A350), same apply to Boeing planes.
Not sure any of this holds water. The A350-900 is comparable to the 777-200 which is scheduled for phase out during the same time frame... Change of the order relieves pressure of receiving the 350-1000 which seems to be a redundant asset at this time and/or bargaining tool for other orders. And the pilot issue as stated is simply wrong.. Everyone goes through the same transition training and position assignments are made solely by bids awarded in seniority order.
Torsten Hoff 3
But the 777-200 airframes are old and the A350-900 much more efficient. If UAL is looking for a direct replacement, then that is a logical choice.

As far as mixing brands is concerned, availability is probably a big part of it as well. The A350 orders have been on the books for quite a while, and if UAL were to cancel the orders (and pay a penalty) and place orders with Boeing, they'd be last in line and looking at years-long waits. With the 777-200 being phased out, they don't have the luxury of being able to switch.


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