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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Presents New Terminal

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has chosen the design of KAAN Architecten for their new terminal. The new terminal will open in 2023 and will allow 14 million more passengers to travel through Schiphol annually. The new terminal is an expansion of Schiphol’s existing terminal, making it possible to retain the one terminal concept. ( 기타...

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Schiphol set the trend for "modern?" airports in the 60s and has had to play catch-up with all the newbies ever since. The competition has been tough.
Schipol is constantly "modernizing." What that translates to for transfer passengers is "pain in the patootie." On the other hand, it's a great way to get the day's cardio activity.
"Modernizing" is an apt choice of words. The poster child is runway 36L/18R (around for several years now). Perhaps the Dutch know a thing or two about advanced planning (all the wisecracks from non-Houstonian journalists post-Harvey notwithstanding). Perhaps a lesson for Heathrow's 3rd runway?
It may function great and look nice on the inside, but that picture of the outside is just about as boring as you can get.
Yeah, its true. But afterall its an airport, it can't be decorated like a hotel.



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