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ANALYSIS: Bombardier Faces Latest Setback With Trade Ruling

The US government's preliminary decision to impose hefty import duties on Bombardier's CSeries could mark a notable setback for the Canadian manufacturer, which had framed a CSeries order from Delta Air Lines as a major win and door-opener to deals with other major US carriers. ( More...

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canuck44 8
The problem with this analysis is that it continues to make the assumption this is a Boeing vs. Bombardier dispute. Like Boeing, the author fails to realize this has become Boeing vs. the government of Canada which possesses a variety of weapons not held by Boeing's previous protagonist Airbus. The Canadian government has the ability to inflict instant injury on Boeing's military and civilian arms by slapping import and export taxes on Boeing products and sales without reference to various trade bodies.
matt jensen 5
I'd like to see a 440% tariff on Boeing products
djames225 1
LOL..that's actually a low number, matt, if we went by the US government's stupidity er philosophy of how the arrived at 219.63%..if we tallied up the subsidies Boeing receives (ed), it would come closer to 681%...but it won't happen.
matt jensen 1
Just doubling down.
brian Gaskill 1
Is it known what delta truly paid per aircraft?
Mike Boote 1
Nope. All based upon assumptions.
djames225 1
Remember the saying Mike.."Assumptions are the mother of all screw ups"
scott8733 0
I'm doubtful that ever gets released, but given the climate during the sales process, Bombardier was very hungry (I think desperate is a bit much) for a door opener North American user.....and adding to this, Delta has become quite adept at smelling that blood in the water. Any guess would be just that, a guess.
djames225 1
Bombardier may have been "desparate" (doubtful) as you say, but they aren't "dump" aircraft on the backdoor of a major player, and the only blood you would smell would be your own.
DanWardlaw -2
Face it, Bombardier is another "Government Bail out company". Government helps them get back on their feet then they give bonus's to the executive instead of putting it into the company or workers.
matt jensen 2
Just like Boeing accepting incentives to put Charlestown back to work?
djames225 -1
And the $79 mil USD Boeing got in subsidies over a 15 yr period 2000-2014 didnt help them out?...or the $86 mil USD aircraft that they "dumped" for $22 mil USD??..ohh and those bonuses the execs got, had to be put back into the perverbial company kettle
pilotjag -1
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OPINION: Trade Ruling Poses Big Questions for Bombardier CSeries

Despite enjoying the longest bull market run in ­aviation history, Bombardier’s commercial aircraft division was in a weak position when the day started on 26 September. A cash-critical production ramp-up for the CSeries was plagued by delays, while ­Bombardier’s sales staff still had not proved – nearly a decade after the programme’s launch – that the small narrowbody family can be sold for a profit.


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