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Bombardier CSeries Will Avoid 300% Duties With US Assembly: Executives

Bombardier and Airbus executives confirm that plans to open a CSeries final assembly line in the USA would enable the companies to avoid a potentially disastrous 300% tariff on imports of CS100s. ( 기타...

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What a genious action taken by Bombardier and Airbus!
Good going Boeing
Now other countries need to start imposing 300% tariffs on US products, forcing them to produce in their countries (Tesla, Harley Davidson, GE) to name a few.
Harley has been touting the "American Made" BS for decades! If all their parts were made in the USA, their bikes would cost a lot more. We should start imposing tariffs on imported parts as well!
Boeing just can't take competition. They are almost as much a charity as a corporation, since they get tons of taxpayer money for all the war products they make. You would think that Boeing would be actually be embarrassed making demands like they have against Bombardier. But, apparently not.
You mean like how they lost the AF tanker project, cried to their senator who got the contract overturned, were gifted the contract, and STILL can't get their boom to work right when Airbus had a functioning one?
May the best product win! Loyalty and favortism should be flushed!
same crap happened with the Avro Arrow. Boeing got the US government to pressure Canada into dropping what whas the superior fighter of its time.
I would say from the article above and one posted today in the newspaper,that bombardier and airbus know how to keep their hat in the ring with no legal complications..a smart chess move!
Roll Tide !
"Boeing just can't take competition."

That's what happens when you stupidly pay Wire Stringers/Rivet Pullers a $100000 plus/year.

Plenty of BRAC USAF bases, in Right to Work States, with 10000 ft runways and ample acreage to set up

MAX lines. Show some backbone Boeing.
s2v8377 1
A great move! Now, we have companies listening and taking appropriate action! Competition in the marketplace is a GOOD thing!
Are those some of the American jobs Trump promised to bring back from overseas?
The ones from overseas happens to speak French.
m f 0
Haha I hope my sarcasm meter is correct!

This was talked about 2 years ago but the plan fell through. This has nothing to do with either the current or former president.
m f 2
Although I'm sure the current president will try and take credit. (rollie eyes)
The way I see it, that's dozens, if not hundreds, of good-paying assembly jobs coming to the U.S. to build the Bombardier CSeries aircraft. It's another resounding victory for our president and MAGA.


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