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Airbus reveals future New Fighter concept

Airbus Defence and Space (DS) has revealed a New Fighter concept that could serve as a potential replacement for the Eurofighter Typhoon and Dassault Rafale in the 2040-timeframe. ( 기타...

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Amazing how it looks so much like the F-22.
Looks like the lovechild of an F-22, F-35, and an F-15.

I wonder why....
This is a critical issue for Canada. If any major contractor wants to sell their military aircraft, the DND and the PMO's office must press for an agreement that explicitly states that a factory be part of the finest deal from the best manufacturer who wins must guarantee that they will create jobs, in Canada. The agreement must include the access cutting edge designs by Airbus. And no, Boeing will be excluded from the bidding. Trump will denounce us with hollow integrity "Canada is a severe threat to American security which is utter BS.FINALLY ON A DIFFERENT NOTE: I want all of us to acknowledge and salute CANUCK44 for the sacrifices he and other men of his GREATEST GENERATION. We wouldn't have our democracy in the world. On Nov 11th at 11am please set aside a moment to honour the Vet's from America's Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Canadian Legion. With sincere gratitude we all want to thank you for your dedicated sacrifices and amazing service that will never be forgotten.


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