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Brazilian government opposes the acquisition of Embraer by Boeing

Sao Paulo - Boeing wants to take over Embraer or merge with the South American manufacturer. But Brazilian President Michel Temer is against the sale of the national aircraft manufacturer to the Americans. ( 기타...

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canuck44 13
The Brazilian government appropriately read the tea leaves...Boeing would relocate much of their production to the continental USA stripping out the most profitable leaving Brazil with manufacture of labor intensive low technology parts.
Try reading the article. Besides, Boeing have an “in” with South American airlines (see: LATAM, Gol—738 carrier already, and Azul at the very least) for RJs would tie up a huge chunk of the Americas for Embraer. There is no way Boeing would risk that by kneecapping Embraer after paying a fortune to assume control of it.
canuck44 6
Three items belie that reply: Air Canada WestJet, all Canadian defense contracting. Likely they will get run out of the UK defense contracts as well. You just negated your own point.

Boeing will find out over the next few years that pissing off government is much riskier and costlier than taking on manufacturing competitors. We will hear lots of bravado from the Boeing executives but over the next few years the bottom line will be hurt.
Really? Canada's idea of outwitting Boeing was going to Australia for Boeing's F-18.
Where Airbus and, now, Bombardier, are concerned, there is no difference between taking on governments and "competitors."
First off Canada doesn't need to"outwit" anyone..Canada went to Austraiia F-18A to "extend its fleet" of aircraft AND to relinquish some of its "old" F-18's to the hangar parts room until new aircraft were on deck..Boeing had no part in the sale and it doesnt put any money into Boeing's pocket.
With the odds being that, following Boeing's continued bullying tactics, they will have little chance of a future military contract in Canada for decades. Looking at it from a distance it would appear to me that Boeing is panicking and resorting to bullying based on some dead-end high volume technology (ie: 737, F18, F15) and more than capable competition. Predict less than stellar financial performance ahead.
The buying fro Australia is only temporary. Canada will be locking to replace 88 fighter jets. Boeing will get a lesson, they aren’t the only one to sell jets Canada need!
Boeing doesnt have any "in"..LATAM is mainly an Airbus fleet and will be even more so when the rest of the A350s arrive..yes they have some Dreamliners but their 767's will soon diminish just as their 777's did
Boeing's "in" would be through TAM, a major component of LATAM and a Brazilian airline. To my knowledge, they don't have much of a "regional" presence" such as Azul has. Azul flies Embraers, and is an attempt to copy JetBlue.
The ability of Boeing to bring economies of scale and preferential pricing to the selling of regional jets would make the Embraer a very attractive option for LATAM and lock-down the RJ market in South America.
LATAM buys the aircraft not TAM..TAM has been a major player with Airbus all along anyhow and LATAM is not interested nor concerned serving the smaller markets..that is left to GOL, Azul, SKY etc...As of right now Azul has no Boeings in its fleet and just started receiving its first of A320NEO's.
Sounds like just one more jealous Canadian.
Curious. Jealous of what?
Anything American!
Oh sure. Like the world's highest incarceration rate? Decreasing life expectancy? Highest healthcare costs?
Why the H would we be jealous of "anything American"?..get off your high horse and stop acting like a pompous ass!
Is that all you can do? start calling names? lol, what a commentary and proves again my point!
Just calling it as I see it. You have yourself a great day.
Airbus is taking a stake in Bombardier so Boeng needs someone to take a stake in or Airbus will rule the skies.
Or the other way around.
Boeing is already trying to rule the roost...and it is not working for them!
Don’t do it Brazil. Boeing will ruin you and spit you out like everyone else they merged with.
I detect verifiable corporate insanity in the executive suites at boeing, for what else explains it? The answer to each question of corporate survival that occurs to the bosses at boeing is simple: build a better airplane for less money each week, each month. I did not know about the destruction of the jigs of the twin otter and dash 7: that is heresy. Boeing seems to like to accumulate great planes and then stop making them: the 757, the 717, the twin otter, the dash 7.
Viking still makes the DHC-6 (Twin Otter) Pretty sure the jigs were never destroyed.
Umm..Boeing never acquired either the Dash 7 or the Twin Otter..both were DeHavilland Canada designed/built craft and then to Bombardier and Bombardier sold the rights AND jigs to Viking Air in BC..and the Dash 7 went on to become the Dash 8 (although been better off leaving the 7 alone)
I say acquired because they did nothing with them during their brief ownership of DeHavilland except "say" they destroyed the jigs and blueprints..Im actually glad Viking Air can continue the torch.
Sold the rights and jigs for the Twin Otter
Boeing is the Donald J. Trump of the aviation world. No one trusts Boeing and after pissing off Canada with the Bombardier nonsense, they are going to be slowing setting in the western sky... it will decades, certainly, but more and more airlines are going to feel the pressure to disassociate with Boeing. It is a good thing they don't have a membership in the UN... please one company and 128 will gore you for it.
The ERJ-170 series is a great aircraft. I have experience. I also thought that Boeing engineers went to Embraer when they were let go. If that is true, then there already is Boeing engineering. I can't imagine how owning Embraer would produce a better aircraft. Competition is what would cause this. It's either Boeing or Airbus. Embraer as a stand alone might not work.
Now bear with me, if Avro still existed and wanted to merge with ,let's say Boeing, what would the US Government say?
Name a company Boeing has merged that has become better? Or improved Boeing?
As a Canadian, I am angry to see this announcement from Boeing/Embraer right on the tail of Boeing's challenge to the entry of Bombardier's C Series into the U.S. Boeing has not had an aircraft with the capacity of the C Series jets since the 737-100, and yet it claimed Bombardier were competition. Bullshit, Boeing. Now the truth emerges with Boeing wanting to get Embraer. So, put a block on Bombardier so we can get a head start with Embraer, is that it Boeing? I used to like your company, your tactics are abusive and destructive. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Hope the Brazilian Government see through your schemes.
Try again. Bombardier’s give-away to Airbus forced Boeing’s hand. With Airbus possibly seeing the coordination of control systems similar to their planes in regional jets, Boeing was and is facing carriers going all-Airbus as a way to integrate pilot development and simplify maintenance. Boeing didn’t want to be in this market as evidenced by canning the 717... a wild success beyond the death of its production line.
Boeing forced their own hand months ago with that BS ploy about Bombardier dumping
Correct and although the US gov't could have tempered what became, in essence, a political scuffle, they, under their current "brilliant" isolationist leadership, chose to look the other way and tacitly support Boeing's bullying tactics. This pathetic yet sad mindset is quickly ruining US's global reputation.
Many of you are posting from a management point of view. I post from a pilot point of view. The CRJ-200 was a piece of crap. The ERJ-140,145 and 170 series are great airplanes to fly. The big players are just going to screw this up. There are only two top dogs---Boeing and Airbus with totally different systems. There is a place for the Embraer and Bombardier aircraft now that they have come out with newer airframes and avionics. You can't fly a 300 seat aircraft on a route that only supports 100 people and make a profit.
boeing recently purchased aurora flight sciences. imo, specifically to kill the D8 concept aircraft. only to preserve the 707 formula of aircraft.
at boeing, non-innovation is the name of the game. and for boeing, it is a game.
taking a page out of bill gates book for innovation.
Don't do it Embraer.
linbb -4
Good fit for Boeing will let them into that market and make a better AC out of it.
And so we see the reason Boeing sued (and won) for an exorbitant tariff on Bombardier a/c. They want to buy Embraer and do not want competent competition.

Typical American business practice.
Brazil does not need the "Leftist" Boeing getting in and messing up Embraer. Forget it Boeing. Stay in your leftist Washington with the illegal cheap labor....Boeing is becoming a real pest.
Embraer is not that good of an AC. Wouldn't this acquisition help the market to engineer a better regional AC?
Please tell us where you get your information. The Embraer aircraft are awesome. I am coming from a pilot's view with experience.
I wouldn't call them awesome, but they aren't a bad craft either...only thing Boeing would do is just what they did at McDonnell and tried to do at DeHavilland...screw up everything and everyone.
That’s not the experience we have here in Canada. When Boeing bought de Havilland they didn’t waste a lot of time before running it into the ground. Even thought the Canadian government claimed to have guarantees from Boeing not to discontinue any product lines, Boeing discontinued both the successful Twin Otter and the Dash 7. The jigs and specialised equipment for their manufacture were destroyed.
No the jigs/plans werent destroyed...yes Boeing were a-holes and yes they tried but I think what is really in their craw is the fact Bombardier took those craft and then passed the torch to Viking Air.
The Embraer is what forced Bombardier to go for the C-Series from a blank slate. Those CRJs are positively awful, and were outlasted by the McDonnell-Douglas aircraft they were supposed to start replacing (DC-9s, 9-8Xs, 9-9Xs). The Embraer was better than the CRJs in every respect, which is why they were starting to gain a foothold in the regional carrier markets.
Boeing had already been working with Embraer, so this was not unforeseeable. The hard part is that Embraer is a source of pride for Brazil. Temer's hesitance to allow Embraer to be controlled by Boeing is understandable as part of the national pride thing; but also because no Brazilian politician wants a quasi-state (or similar) entity in Brazil to have its books come under independent examination.
The CRJ's were never meant to replace the DC-9's and while I agree the earlier series CRJ's were dreadful, the newer series are not..If it was the Embraer E jets that forced Bombardier to the C-Series, then why are the C-series bigger?..If I want a regional jet such as the E's, Id clean slate a plane for the 75-130 market
If that goes through then Embraer aircraft will be a lot better.
Please explain what "a lot better" means.
You and others imply that there is something wrong with Embraer aircraft that Boeing could improve.What is it? Pilots seem to like them, passengers love them but not all operators who have them like 'em. What are the problems? For example are they maintenance intensive, do they have design faults etc etc


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