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China completes assembly of the first fully national turbofan engine

Beijing - AECC (Aero Engine Corporation of China), a state-owned manufacturer has completed the assembly of CJ-1000AX, the first in-house built jetliner engine, which is a new UltraFan type turbofan that will equip Comac C919 in the future. ( 기타...

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Those of you who are negative I understand why. The reason is the same that was used 50 years ago with Japan. It is not that they cannot make excellent products for aerospace, as well as top quality for other products as well. You feel the way you do because purchasing goes to China, and previously to Japan, for cheap products. That is all you see. You do not see the high end stuff because the US buys the cheap stuff. If you have flown in a 737 or an A300 series some of the turbine engine parts were cast and machined in China. The company I am talking about has to and does meet the same standards as our US foundries. In fact, their quality department is certified to inspect parts for some of the top US aerospace manufacturers who buy from other sources in China. We are now in a world market and there are manufacturers in other parts of the world that make parts as good as and some times better than we can. And, despite what many may think, some of those are located in China.
Actually Sam, just to add, parts for Boeing and Airbus craft are also manufactured in's funny how many folks bitch about China but have no problem at all yakking on their China made cell phone or working with their China made computer..another thing..that car/truck you drive around in, that was made in last 10 years or so, full of items made in China.
You guys hit the nail on the head. You can't buy the high quality with less money. You can go to China and ask them to manufacture anything you want for your brand. The question is how much you're ready to spend for it. If you pay more you get more. China spends billion dollars for high technology products. Communication Satellites, Quantum computers, Artificial Intelligence and so on. The whole country acts as the new Silicon Valley.
Try explaining that to people, Tom..most figure since it's made in China, it's a pile of crap but they forget about what they use etc...and yes even when you pay more, you still pay a heck of a lot less.
The ISSUE is consumers DONT HAVE A CHOICE.It's made FOR THEM! The "global market" is A BUSINESS DECISION" not a CONSUMER DECISION.
Consumers do have a choice and you don't need to caps lock...the business decision is all about its bottom line and consumers..if you dont like China made products, then stop supporting and buying China made products..companies would learn real fast either up their raw made to market price and get a better product, or shop getting it made elsewhere.
RECOR10 -9
Were you smoking that pipe on CNN the other night? Having worked in a very aerospace centric city...many things that are outsourced to a cheaper vendor eventually comes back to US production. When lives matter, we like to have someone to sue too....
If you have to sue your vendors you are doing business with the wrong vendors. If you simply want to sue the vendor for making an error we would not do business with you anyway. No one is perfect no matter how hard we try. I have no more comments for the likes of you.
RECOR10 -1
No, it is the consumers who sue every vendor in case of an 'incident'. Seen it dozens of times...take airbags in cars for instance. Blame drug companies for addicts, not the addict...that said, I have seen contracts go - then come back for companies like Hamilton, Woodward, Gunite and on and on...China can make a heck of a demo piece, production is simply not the same.
If you are talking about the Takata airbags, as I said, any country in the world. They were made in the western hemisphere, not China.
The same can be said for any country in the world, not just China. You pay for what you get, except with China, and a number of countries, that higher price point for top notch quality is still cheaper than most anywhere else.
RECOR10 -1
I worked years ago with a company that made brakes for military and civilian aircraft. The EPA did not like their foundry nor the pollution - so, they got shut down and moved production to China. Since then the QC complaints were sky high and the jobs and production moved back to the US (only to Indiana as opposed to Illinois where they started). It would take the US teams 12-14 days for FEA and approval, that was over two months on China sourced product.
And your point is? dont know who the company got to make the brakes and especially since you mentioned foundry and pollution..Ive worked for a company that made OEM automotive suspension components in China..guess are probably driving with them in your car today.
Like I said, you pay for what you get and want.
RECOR10 -5
Point is that for the most part the EPA is ignorant, the hippie liberal tree huggers need a good beating about the head - and no, my German and Italian cars do not have Chinese brakes or suspension. That said, the EPA not allowing production here "for the sake of the earth" and letting it go to China where some ten year old kid swims in mercury every day? Genius...
Rob Palmer -2
Why not address the real source of the problem: The European Union which has, for example, boycotted lead solder, resulting in less life for circuit boards, etc., resulting in more failures and expense for users, and also more tech trash discarded all over the planet. Be nice to have in addition to Brexit, a U.S. exit. Unfortunately, corporations need the customers of EU.
Ummm Rob..a great many countries around the world have banned lead in solder, years ago..don't see too many of those boards failing or water pipes blowing apart, due to no lead content.
I have seen some of the higher end of Chinese production - top notch, when QC allowed to work. The Chinese build what they are contracted to build. $19 plastic recip-saw vs. $10 million dollar high bypass turbofan, with FADEC and all the trimmings? They can do that as well. Civil Air Authority has some high standards (dating back to fleets of IL-62, TU-154. And even local build MD-80) it will be interesting to see this pan out.
Based on my experiences with Chinese raw materials and finished product, I hope their aviation industry has adopted a proper culture of quality for both their engines and their airframes.
Lets just hope China’s aviation materials are of better quality than the usual China shitdzen
Based on my experiences with Chinese-made products, I would be VERY, VERY reluctant to ride on a train/plane/bus/car made in China. But I'm also willing to be proven wrong.
:))))) I completely agree to you!!!
So - I wonder from whence THAT technology was stolen ....
Sure looks American to me. They must be reading our mind.
All jet engines look similar because of the way they looks like a few European jet engines too..remember the jet engine isn't an American invention.


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