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FlightAware Announces ADS-B Coverage Growth

FlightAware enters 2018 with unprecedented flight tracking coverage. FlightAware has grown its network of terrestrial ADS-B receivers by 51% in 2017, enabling it to offer surveillance for aircraft flying over land in some of the world’s most remote areas. By adding over 4,000 terrestrial receivers FlightAware is also able to track aircraft movement on the ground at over 200 airports around the world. ( 기타...

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Congratulations to the FlightAware team and all the feeder stations. Awesome work!
Thanks Michael!
JEHA5340 1
Good job sara orsi.
tlichten 3
As an ADS-B feeder, I also want to remind everyone that you're FlightAware subscription is free! Not only that, you get a cool little web-page from your Pi so you can identify each flight buzzing around you (mostly).
Love the site and hardware.
Well done, great accomplishment
Volunteers use Raspberry Pi Computer and a SDR Receiver to a good antenna. FlightAware supplies the software.
They also use PlanePlotter and whatever receiver (I use an SDR type). I use the supplied ¼ wave antenna on the 7th floor of a building, and get great range albeit in only one direction.
Just love Flightaware! I can track family and friends flights. The best are the stories and comments of all the aviation experts! A great learning experience. Everyone can learn and enjoy every flight they take.
what does a terrestrial receiver look like?
Is the FlightAware ADS-B data collected through terrestrial receivers used for internal purposes (flight tracking on website and mobile apps) only or does it also feed to augment the FAA’s ADS-B network? I was told the FAA ADS-B system is a closed system consisting of gov ADS-B towers.
Yes it’s for our purposes and not part of any FAA or air traffic control program.
You guys do a great job! Tracking commercial flights and also going back and checking my flight tracks as a pilot are fantastic.
Very interesting, thanks!
Flightaware has always done a great job. Would someone tell me exactly what ADS-B does for GA? Could it be another RVSM which in my opinion was a requirement that cost aircraft owners a lot of money and didn't accomplish much in air traffic control.
ADS-B is cool because it brings basically TCAS into cockpits at a much more affordable price. Gone are the days of $20k traffic systems that require multiple antennas. Also, since radar is becoming outdated, ADS is its replacement
I have ADS-B out and in. In my RV-6A I get traffic and weather, which provides (as far as I am concerned) a significant safety benefit. Once you get use to planning your flight track using the weather and traffic information, you will not want to be without it. As always, keep your eyeballs looking out, using the ADS-B as supplemental information.
it now means anybody with internet will be able to track your aerial movements.
And?...The air belongs to the public. It is the right of the public to know what or whom is flying in it's public airspace.
Congrats to FlightAware.
When flying as a passenger, I like to log onto the airliner's wifi and then see which flight is outside my window. Thank you FlightAware, you're amazing!
come to find out Antenna's the little one I had bought from airspy works the best. I just started to use a air-nav but haven't put it out side at this time but the airspy antenna seems to be more in tuned. here's one didn't work will I think maybe the wire too sort.
Love FlightAware! Just got ADS-B in out and was pleased with the flight tracking. As a CASARA Pilot this is a great aid to locating missing aircraft once you have ADS-B, without ADS-B out tracking is not reliable. While using an iPad and Foreflight one can connect through the Wi-Fi and see traffic in the "Big Picture"
Indústria brasileira em crescimento. Como membro a Empres Aérea Azul, peço mais notificações e novos empreendimentos do site Flightaware.
jdworley -4
Goodbye aerial privacy
As the aircraft owner you can choose to be tracked or stay private.
Perhaps. But the moment a pilot files a flight plan, the flight is no longer private. Any information given to the federal government becomes public record.
It is my understanding that for general aviation and matters of national security, the tail number of an aircraft can be masked from flight tracking programs.
What privacy might that be? Once you leave the confines of your home, your right to privacy is virtually gone.
With regard to the 4th Amendment, there is a great misunderstanding.
The 4th states in part that we" have the right to be secure in our persons and papers from unreasonable searches and seizures".
Nothing here is being searched nor is there anything being seized( by any entity of government)
jdworley 2
I compare this to having a GPS tracker on every car, then I can track your every movement, including when you are not at home so your home is empty, when you’re at work, or an important business meeting. As a business owner, I do not want my employees or competitors or burglars to know my every move.
Interesting concept. However, not many of us have a certificate and even fewer own or have access to a private aircraft.
We are so connected to the world now, that even a kid's tablet they use to view movies while riding in a car allow the device to be tracked.
The only way to NOT be in the tracking cross hairs is to eschew ALL electronic devices. Now, autos are quite a bit different than aircraft. In that in the event of an adverse occurrence, an aircraft can cause significantly more mayhem to limb and property than an auto. I think the concept of tracking of aircraft is centered not around "who" is using the skies for travel, rather, it is "what" (type aircraft) is doing same.
EZPass, sunpass, and other transponders already do that to a degree... Along with license plate reading cameras on every corner... and in the near future, some states are already testing GPS tracking for a "tax by mile driven" initiative they are salivating over...


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