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Coast Guard continues to search for Oklahoma pilot after plane disappears over Gulf of Mexico

The Coast Guard continues to search for a missing aircraft that disappeared over the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday. The FAA confirms the Cirrus S22T plane left Oklahoma City’s Wiley Post Airport on Wednesday afternoon and filed a flight plan to San Antonio, TX. However, officials say the pilot did not land in San Antonio and continued on the same course. ( More...

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744pnf 1
Hypoxia? Unpressurized aircraft @ FL150 or FL189 (illegible) on FlightAware
Don't have to be pressurized to fly at that altitude. The Cirrus aircraft does have oxygen as an option and anyone flying at that altitude would need to fly with oxygen. Considering he had made this kind of trip a lot, it's 100% that he did have some kind of oxygen on board. He was at 18900 for most of the trip.
Ruger9X19 1
I believe the GFC700 with hypoxia aware/emergency descent (the display inquires if you are alert after a period of inactivity if no response should perform emergency descent to a safe altitude automatically) standard equipment on the SR22T after 2013 model years. Whatever happend to make him unresponsive (hypoxia, sudden medical event) shouldn't the automated emergecy descent mode been activated? The flightaware info for N325JK shows the aircraft held 19000ft perfectly even as airspeed appears to have degraded over time so I am making the admittedly large assumption that the autopilot was activated on the flight. Is there a techinical reason the autopilot logic may not perform the descent?


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