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What a Carry On: Londoner Barred From Boarding Two Flights in Two Days After Wearing All His Clothes to Avoid Excess Baggage Fee

A Londoner claims he was banned from boarding two flights for wearing too many clothes as he tried to board a British Airways plane. ( 기타...

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So, he plays the racial card. He is an idiot!!
He was clearly baiting people for an altercation to post online. How about the rights of the passengers that would have to sit next to this guy? If I had the seat assignment next to him, I'd be thanking the airline for refusing him.
really?maybe now a winter wheather?
chalet 1
Trying to be too sharpie, eh? Lock him in.
if he can strap in, without seatbelt extensions, then the airline has no real dispute here. They didn't give him that chance , .....


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