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Air France-KLM prepares to make massive orders for short and medium-haul aircraft

Air France-KLM is preparing massive orders for short and medium-haul aircraft. Jean-Marc Janaillac, the CEO of the Group, has announced that Air France-KLM will soon launch a tender for the procurement of new short- and medium-haul aircraft. The background is the upcoming renewal of the fleet of Air France, Hop, KLM, and Transavia. The Group will invite European, American, Canadian and Brazilian manufacturers to submit offers, the manager said. ( 기타...

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Chris B 3
Be interesting to see if the Bombardier trade dispute gets raised as a buffer against Boeing. Bombardier has many facilities across Europe.
Don't worry, Air France will order the 737-MAX7/8/9, Airbus a320/1 neo and ceo, CS100 and Superjet 100. They always order EVERYTHING!
Don't forget the ERJ!


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