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Shortage of Boeing 787 Engines Prompts Virgin Atlantic to Add Airbus A330s

Virgin Atlantic has disclosed plans to take delivery of four Airbus A330-200s this summer, citing shortages of the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines that power its fleet of Boeing 787-9s. ( More...

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Shenghao Han 3
And aren't Trent 1000 still suffering reliability issue?
Ken Hardy 2
seems like there are lots of engine problems running through the big 3 OEM engine guys these days, wonder why?
Leon Artac 1
RR should have Bentley build the engines.
john cooney 1
Not RELATED at all
john cooney 1
Probably something to do with Clinton
Leon Artac 1
What engines power the A330-200? GE?
Bob Fishman 1
Boeing shouldn't be caught shorthanded like this...stock is currently great, but let's not drop the ball to Airbus!
mark gerrard -3
Old news, it's been common knowledge for a couple of months


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