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Criticism for the new safety video of Air New Zealand

Auckland - Air New Zealand is known for its special flight safety videos that are shown before the flight. With an ever-changing theme, the airline manages to attract attention, usually in a positive way. But the latest video, which takes place on Antarctica, is not everyone's favorite. ( 기타...

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btweston 20
A Plane crashed in 1979, therefore Antarctica is banned. Seems legit.
Good video work. Problem is most of the video is a major distraction from the purpose of the safety announcement. Nice try but stick to the subject at hand -- Flight Safety.
So the video is offensive because there was a crash in Antarctica before and Antarctica is where the video was shot??? Oh come on! That was one of the most beautiful and informative safety video I ever seem! I even learnt how to use the damn oxygen mask (I think I would've ripped it off in case I needed it some day, I never imagined it was necessary so less force to pull it, but now I know). The video is informative AND entertaining at the same time.
Somebody had to be triggered and complain. THAT is the new rule.
'tis the day of the professionally offended, where feelz trumps all... How dare they mention airliners in such an insensitive video - and on the very same planet where something else bad happened to an airliner! For sure, grief hurts - but it doesn't help to keep ripping the scab off your own wounds.

That said, it is kind of long and wander-y, though.
Certainly it is a bad idea to have a safety video with additional entertaining and informative content that people might actually watch!
The first to report being offended wins. In the event of a tie, the point goes to the one most offended.
I could not find the "delete" button. My apologies. I didn't know the reason for the complaint when I posted that snarky comment. I empathize with those offended.

Post in haste, repent at leisure.
I agree with 1BabyGirl. I don't see and insensitivity with regards to the crash in 1979 but it is a distraction to the point of the video; Air safety!
Wonderful video - most of them are so boring that they are hard to watch.

Come on people. Yes, it is tragic that a plane crash occurred there many years ago - but the video has nothing to do with that, and was not filmed near the mountain where it occurred....
TWA55 2
I see nothing wrong with the video or it's location. Yes an aircraft crashed there, so do we ban a continent because a plane crashed. I don't mean to be insensitive, but get real folks, maybe we should close any airport where a plane crashed or a highway where someone died because using it for any purpose will offend a family member. Look many have died in plane crashes in Antarctica, life goes on.
From another point of view instead of having long videos about patting your back on Antarctic research and climate change stuff - what happened to a couple of local celebs dong a short sweet safety video so I can go back to my movie. If you insist on long videos on climate stuff how about investment in more efficient aircraft and biofuels, you know the biggest expense in aircraft operating...... fuel.
bravo pour toutes ces videos, et merci!!!!!
sstuff 0
!. Corporate "do-good-er-ism" and agenda hustling while I'm captive inside an airplane leaves me with a negative impression of the company, rather than a positive view.
2. I cannot reasonably expect the world to "freeze" (pun intended) because my grandfather died, whatever the cause, 39 years ago.
3. The safety demonstration was more corny than it was insensitive.
4. Your experience may vary, of course.
jeff slack -2
You don't start promoting your route to New York from London showing iceberg fields after you lose a ship to an iceberg..............

This is the KIWI analogy of this thoughtless safety film.

An airlines incompetence, brings down one of its own jets in the Arctic, and to this day will not admit fault.

Many relatives are still alive and mourning the loss of family that died in the crash.

Very thoughtless marketing and even worse comments; that "it was time we all moved on"

Franky16 4
That would be the Antarctic..
It would be one thing if they showed images of the crashed plane and commented, "See what happens when you aren't careful?" Probably the only ones who think of the 1979 crash are those who had a connection to it.
Failure to "move on" has caused most of the world's problems.

Look at the Middle East, or the Hatfields and McCoys, or any other multigenerational violence whose origins are lost in antiquity.
I was the navigator on the US Navy SAR mission launched to find the wreckage of the New Zealand airliner. I still have the chart I used flying a search pattern. The back side (from McMurdo) of Ross Island was completely socked in when we took off. After searching the surrounding area in very poor weather we rechecked the back of Ross Island and found visibility improving. The wreckage was soon located on the slopes of Mt. Erebus. It was a very sad and difficult day. I agree that the safety video is very insensitive.
Careful, you have empathy, that's not a quality too many people in the comment section here find appealing. Hope you're ready for an avalanche of comments branding you a snowflake.
The aviation industry does have a healthy respect for snowflakes, though.
Indeed; snowflakes are purportedly quite fragile but an icy runway beats a plane every time.


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