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Southwest Airlines Secures Honolulu Airport Space

Southwest Airlines is inching ever closer to launching Hawaii service. The carrier has already confirmed its intent to fly to the state, though the start date for the service remains up in the air. Southwest CEO Gary Kelly has said that could come this year, though he cautioned that the first flights might slip into 2019 as the airline awaits federal certification to operate its Boeing 737 planes on the long over-water routes to the state. ( 기타...

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This is great news! Planning a trip to Hawai'i in a few years and flying Southwest would be great. I'm curious to see the routes with the 737s. Not going to be non-stop unless you live in Cali.
Alaska flies 737s from Seattle, Portland, and Anchorage as well as California locations.
Yeah I almost took Alaska from Omaha to Seattle but it was pretty expensive compared to other carriers.
We spent three weeks in Seattle in September last year; amazing to see the sheer number of Alaska aircraft zipping in and out. Our friends from Boise Idaho arrived at the hotel for breakfast courtesy of an early Alaskan flight.
But five hours on a 737?
Westjet has been flying 737's to Hawaii from Vancouver for probably over 10 years now. It's 100 nm more than LAX to HNL. Might be more cramped on Southwest than WestJet. 5-6 hours in economy is never very much fun regardless of who you're flying with.
pilotjag 3
Another great article...
Flying a 737 from the west coast to ANY of the islands would be VERY uncomfortable, and tough to put up with...unless the flights were $99 one way, which is not likely in this century! I'll take the 767's from Phx to HNL any time! Even the 757's many fly from the west coast feel like cattle cars! As Amy once said: No! No! No!
I have to agree with Hawaiian! Been flying them and their 767's to and from Phx to HNL for 10 years now, and they are always comfortable flights,passengers well fed and well taken care of! This is a 5-6 hour flight, folks. On a 737, better que up in front of the bathrooms right after take off! SWA may try to horn in on Hawaiians interisland biz, since that goes from $75.. One way! Hawaiian is now using 717's for those. Could use some competition in the interisland market, since there currently is none!
I luv SWA, but that sounds like a long haul on 3/4oz bag of peanuts or pretzels. Good way to get a head start on a post vacation diet. Oh well at least the employees will be happy to see you board.
It doesn’t matter the a/c type... it’s the seat pitch that matters. I just flew 12 1/2 hours from Australia on a United 787 and it sucked. The aircraft size didn’t matter, the seats were just to close from row to row... how often do you really stand up.. my$.02
I think Ontario, CA. would be a great place for a flight to Hawaii. Great for connecting, seldom bad weather. Great for the airline as well as passengers. There are already plenty of flights from LAX/SAN to Hawaii. This would open the gate as a hub and for very populated Inland Empire.
Let’s think out the box! What are the possibilities that Southwest offering direct flights from the following cities:

Ontario (ONT)-Honolulu
Orange County (SNA)-Honolulu
Burbank (BUR)-Honolulu
Sacramento (SMF) -Honolulu
Fresno (FAT)-Honolulu

Remember- think out the box!
The thought of flying a cramped SWA 737 for five to six hours over water makes me and my back side cringe! I fly SWA frequently and can barely tolerate their seating and leg room (what leg room) for over an hour. They better upgrade their fleet! Stick with Hawaiian Airlines for comfort and service!
Chris King -1
I heard 737s are being retired in 2020. Obviously they won't just disappear but it makes you wonder what SWA will do next.
the 737 is not being retired. Just newer versions will be available.
Ha! Southwest has been sayin that for over six years.
Carlos Z 1
This is great news I remember When Aloha and Hawaiian Airlines were here and there was competition for fare prices. You could get an inter-Island Flight for $29.00. Now With Hawaiian monopolizing the Market, there is no need for them to lower rates. hopefully with SWA there will be competition, and rates will drop


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