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After Boeing Yields, What’s Next For Bombardier CSeries?

With the decision by Boeing to let last week’s deadline go by without filing an appeal in the Bombardier trade complaint, eyes turn to “what’s next” for the CSeries. ( 기타...

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Gee - and Boeing gets no help at all ?
Jeraboam 9
Boeing has been the biggest recipient of tax benefits and subsidies from Washington state and the Us government for decades, including massive subsidies for its military contracts. Airbus and Embraer have also been heavily subsidised by national and EU governments. Bombardier's support has been largely repayable (?) loans and share purchases by provincial and federal governments. This is how the aerospace business works around the world and it is becoming even more heavily subsidised with the entry of China, Japan, Italy/France.
You are more than welcome to contribute to them. Buy some stock. I invest in companies and industries I believe in.
They aren't appealing because this whole thing hasn't made them look good.
Public perception has nothing to do with it. Its simply Boeing accepting the fact that the 4-0 decision was the correct one. Just another bullying tactic from a country lead by a bully!
Got to fly on one. Very comfy!
linbb -9
With EU price supports in one form or another holding up Airbus they will continue to do things under the table any way they can,


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