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Spirit Airlines to buy regional jets to fill the gap in barely served routes

Houston - The American ultra-low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines plans to buy hundreds of regional jets to strengthen its network. The candidate list includes Bombardier CSeries and Embraer E2. ( More...

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scott8733 12
Max capacity of CS100 listed at 135......Spirit will find a way to jam 155 helpless souls in there.
PLEASE come into Rapid City, SD. We need a budget carrier that allows connections. Allegiant's flights to Phoenix/Mesa and Vegas just aren't enough.
royr2 1
I remember UA used to have quite a few flights in and out of there from DEN. I'm guessing not anymore?
UA does have quite a few flights in and out of here to Denver, O'Hare, and a seasonal to Newark. We have all the Legacy carriers coming here. however, the only LCC we have here is Allegiant. And we all know they don't do connecting flights. Frontier pulled out a few years ago when they went cost, and we don't even have Southwest. If we want to get somewhere in this country without paying $400 or more, we have to make the 6-hour drive to Denver and fly out of there.
royr2 1
Ahh, got ya. We have similar problems here in CRP. No matter where you're going, you're going through Houston or Dallas, and the airfare is typically higher than the cost to make the drive to SAT or AUS whom have great connections.
shrudini 3
I flew Spirit Airlines once. And once was enough.
shrudini 1
joel wiley 3
As the adage goes:"The next time I do that, it will be a mistake"
Duane Mader 3
Who do they think they are going to get to fly them?
JetDoc66 3
Agreed but if the pay is good enough I could see them putting a huge dent in the major airlines regional feed by poaching the regional pilots flying their feed for pennies on the dollar. This would make me happy.
Kevin Keswick 2
The CSeries is not a regional jet

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bentwing60 2
A quick read of the wiki. info on the scope clause agreements of most major air carriers and their unions will put a different slant on that wiki. interpretation. And your "Yes it is" reply.
joel wiley 1
So the question would be what is the scope clause in the current Spirit contract. Earlier contracts found online didn't mention it.
bentwing60 1
The question to me is how did the C100 and the E190 get listed as a regional jet type in wiki. when they exceed all of the usual scope clause limitations. Wiki. ain't gospel. And Spirit may not have a union or scope clause.
Kevin Keswick 1
By definition "regional" jets are short-hall aircraft with a range of up to 800 nmi. The CSeries has a transcontinental range in North America - easily flying non-stop from New York to Los Angeles and in an all business class can fly direct from New York to London City Airport (and vice versa). The CSeries cannot be considered a "regional" aircraft given its range.
Kevin Keswick 1
Andy Bowland 1
A little misleading title of that article.

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flypns 4
They're considering buying smaller aircraft. No order has been placed. The title should read "Spirit Considers buying smaller aircraft". I agree, on the misleading title.
patrick baker 0
more spirit airliners flying anywhere is a bad idea, since this ultra LCC has more than its share of detractors. And rightfully so. This would be bad service using a smaller aircraft. Where are the potential pilots to do this second level service?


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