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VIDEO: Crash Truck Dash Cam: AA 383 Fire at O’Hare

Every video of the response to the uncontained engine failure of a Boeing 767 (American Airlines Flight #383) on departure from O’Hare International Airport contains a wealth of information about the incident and the fire department’s response to it. While the overall theme can be appropriately summarized with “Job well done,” there are certainly lessons to be learned. (And they have been.) ( More...

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joel wiley 3
Perhaps another perspective on the fatality with Asiana 214 at SFO.
Chris B 3
Emergency evacuation chute opened on same side as fire. Why?
Brian Hankey 2
Because when the chutes were deployed, the fire hadn't consumed as much as it had by the time the crash trucks rolled up.
Leon Kay 3
Thank you for this posting. Our family would have enjoyed sliding down this Emergency evacuation chute. I wonder whether the children would have been allowed a second slide:-)
joel wiley 2
Not without purchasing another E ticket per child (j/k)
Betting all were quite happy they didn't get their ticket punched, period.
sharon bias 2
As the fire trucks approach the plane, you can see the plane was spitting out parts well before it stopped. Big chunks of black stuff (tires?) on the runway.
carlos rivera 1
Thanks GOD there was not a fatal explotion
Douglas Kehoe 1
Reminded me of my tour at Chanute , Rantoul Ill with fire training at one end of the base and egress at the other amongst other things. Thanks for the way back look... I can still remember seeing the boys and girls in thier silver suits.lots of suds!
Douglas Kehoe 1
The heated Beast put up quite a fight, it just wouldn't go gone! Dangerous work! They hit it good yet still kept sneaking out. I'll be sure priority will be the order of the day with an emergency such as this...!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that you can see water coming out of the lead truck due to centripetal force in the corners....rockin it on the way!
sparkie624 1
Thanks for sharing... Good video
shrudini 1
More Cams:


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