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Recording captures a less than professional exchange between JFK ATC and Aer Lingus pilot

On July 22nd 2018 flight EI104 (A333 Reg: EI-FNG) from JFK-DUB was departing at 5:15pm local time from New York's JFK airport. ATC recording captures a controller losing his patience with an Aer Lingus pilot on a day full of weather related changes. ( 기타...

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linbb 2
Nothing other than the guy flying thought that it was nothing, no problem for him to feel entitled to go where ever he wanted. ATC has things stacked up in order any change screws it up. ATC did the proper thing and put him in line with the others coming off.
Dubslow 1
On the contrary, that was pretty darn professional on both ends. Not *entirely*, but very much so.
linbb 2
Other than the comment I am going to tell my boss you messed with me for no reason waaa waaa should not have made that comment.
I thought this was pretty funny. I feel like the heavy's pilot are being a little too sensitive(<-this is me being professional). I mean really what it boils down to is they didn't get what they wanted and then they were unhappy with what they were told to do instead. Or maybe they were just embarrassed that ATC told them how it was with everyone else..My boss is going to talk to your boss lol. Heavy's boss - "Hey New York departure.. How dare you give our pilots all the information available to you. We don't want that. We'd appreciate it if you'd just give us direct instead."
30west 1
Very typical of Kennedy controllers doing their job. Kennedy controllers are masterful moving traffic around and out of the complex, crowded airspace around the New York area. Having been based at JFK and working with them every day that I went to work, I have nothing but the highest respect for them. It is a thing of beauty to particpate in and watch them handle the late afternoon and evening push of flights headed east to Europe and beyond. They are the best!


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