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The first supersonic passenger plane to fly by 2023

Denver - After Concorde was taken out of service in 2003, commercial supersonic flights will restart soon, according to Blake Scholl, the founder, and CEO of the American high-tech company Boom Technology which is currently developing a supersonic jet called XB-1. ( 기타...

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thanks for the memories Concorde, but these Boom people have better materials, engines, testing capabilities-no more wind tunnels-and a shape i find fascinating. Smaller passenger load with a market of spenders lining up to fly faster and affordabile also.... so to speak.....
belzybob 1
They are already predicting a seat price? Must have a crystal ball tucked away in the CEO office.
Concorde also had orders from a number of airlines, but only two actually took delivery of them.
This wouldn't be the first super sonic passenger plane. It wouldn't even be the second. Now it might be the NEWEST super sonic passenger plane but not the first, not by a long shot.


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