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Man flies employers Cessna 525 (N526CP) out of KSPK into his own home

Investigators believe the twin-engine Cessna 525 belonged to Youd’s employer and that he intentionally flew into his own house; Sandoval said he was an experienced pilot. It wasn’t immediately clear who employed Youd or whether he was authorized to take the plane. ( 기타...

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bbabis 3
That must have been one tough BMW parked out front. I can't believe it didn't go through the house.
It seems clear that he intended to kill his wife and child. This act was pure evil.
Here we go again. Kamakazee Pilots in they feelings. Evil is on every street
dmanuel 3
As horrendous as this event was, he was an ATP, which will (hopefully) keep the media from implying anyone off the street could wreak havoc with the GA fleet, with the resultant hue & cry for (ill thought out) regulations.
Leon Kay 1
Fortunately he only killed himself.
without killing some else - domestic violence? yep he's guilty

Youd was arrested hours before the crash on accusations of domestic violence. According to the Utah County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Bureau, he posted bail around 9:42 p.m. Sunday. According to the Payson Police department, Youd requested he be allowed to return home in order to pick up a few items. An officer was on hand while Youd retrieved some belongings and his vehicle back at the house, before leaving again.
Makes me wonder what his wife did!
I don't recall similar cases involving folks from "The Greatest Generation".
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Plane crashes into house in Payson Utah; pilot dies

PAYSON — The pilot of a small plane died after the aircraft crashed into a house in Payson early Monday morning, officials confirmed.
The plane went down around 2:30 a.m. at 584 E. Canyon Road, emergency dispatchers said.
The pilot died and the only two people inside the house at the time of the crash escaped safely, according to Payson police.


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