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No injuries reported after 2 planes collide at Chicago O'Hare Airport

Two planes collided on the ground at Chicago O’Hare Airport on Wednesday. ( More...

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wingbolt 4
I always thought accuweather was a source for mistake.
djames225 1
Glad I'm not in that tug operator's shoes..or soon to be lack of. HTHeck could you steer a craft into another, unless you weren't paying attention.
Jack Jouett 1
Am I the only one confused about the article saying that the LEFT wing tips were damaged on both planes? If it was pushing back...wouldn't it be the left on 1 aircraft and the right on the other? Maybe I am missing something.
WhiteKnight77 1
The tug operator should have ensure that he pushed the plane further back before turning the aircraft. It looks like whomever it is needs some more training if they are not fired.
wingbolt 1
After looking at the damage I can’t belive that there wasn’t any injuries! That wingtip had the biggest scratch EVER!
taterhed1 1
The bus made a 'hard right' turn out of chocks.

In the turn, the wing-tips clipped left-to-left.

Asking the FO "can we make it?" without using a wing-walker....really?
themold 1
What, no wing walkers? Too much in a hurry.
WhiteKnight77 3
There should have been. Unless they were playing with their phones or didn't have any, this should not have happened. Hell, towing helos in the military, even with the blades folded, we had wing walkers.


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