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The Boeing 747 Turns 50: Half Century of History, Photos, Facts

Full history, photos, videos: Fifty years ago today, on September 30, 1968, the first Boeing 747 rolled out of the final assembly line in Everett, Washington. The Queen of the Skies was the first plane capable of carrying more than 400 passengers, wowing the world with its immense dimensions, an upper deck, and a wingspan of 196 feet. ( 기타...

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Such a remarkable plane for its time. It came into this world with a lot of uncertainty but has truly changed aviation. It has gone on for years as the queen of the skies and I hope in 50 years we will see her flying.
iflyfsx 1
You misspelled "for all time."
Funny I never put “for all time” in my comment
iflyfsx 1
Which is why I had to correct your mistake.
Think about this, Modern Economy class may never exist if Pan-Am and 747 didn't drive the ticker price down.
fantastic airplane.....a flying business card for Boeing for 50 plus years and still "a hit"
They will look great basking in the sun in the desert. Modern, more comfortable, more economical aircraft have taken their place. Rust in peace. Who knows, the next Coke you drink may have been a wing or tail?


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