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Scientists able to scare away birds around airport with googly eyes

It's no secret that birds and airplanes do not mix, and scientists may have finally found a way to keep these two within safe distances of each other. ( More...

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dardav 4
I for one do not agree with getting rid the Great Tits....
Ed Merriam 2
looks like they work great on statues, too!
I wouldn't mind handling the Great Tits problem.
if this has proven to work,that is great!
Jesse Carroll 1
Heck, just tell a bunch of Rednecks, "no closed season and all the birds take like chicken" give them (us) free bird shot shells and buckets of beer! Problem sovled! Might want to keep BBQ pit handy!
Jesse Carroll 1
"Great Tits"....Really??
Google them up! Cute little things!....LOL
paul gilpin 1
i would suggest putting a couple of two year old grandkids out in the field.
they would scare the heck out of the birds.
they would cover more ground than the birds could ever possibly.
and they have more energy than that darn bunny.
problem solved.
you're welcome.


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