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American Airlines CEO says passengers want on-time performance over customer service

American Airlines’ CEO Doug Parker has made it clear to employees that they should aim to always to have flights depart on time, even at the expense of good customer service. ( 기타...

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ok..what the heck is wrong with this guy???I worked in the airline industry for about 30 years in customer service, and I can tell you that the responsibility of the agent at the counter and the agents at the gate is to assist the passenger in as expeditious manner as possible, with a smile, let me see what I can do for you,a we need to get you to he gate before they close out the flight,,and even an assist with a bag or a baby or a quick chat with captain onboard about any last minute issues..certainly the passengers care about "on time" departures,and the agents get the "third degree" about any delays that are not mechanical,but passengers as a whole,do not set their watches by the departure time of a flight,nor do they time the door closing and pushback,unless its a serious delay of several minutes which might affect a connection..with parkers attitude,americans loyal base of customer will go elsewhere to find both courtesy and quick service...
Dan Rice 6
Sorry this doesn't pass the smell test. This is not binary. You can have both.
Passengers are not packages... He should gp work for Fedex or USPS instead.
We have the saying "If you want to know how really unimportant you are, fly American Airlines - they will let you know." That is at the Platinum Pro level!
Sounds like American is just giving their agents an excuse to be rude and inconsiderate as they have been regularly demonstrating.
Agreed. On time performance may rate higher re pax satisfaction all other things being equal, which all to often they are not. Pleasant, efficient & considerate customer service both on the ground & in the makes a big difference in my air carrier selection. Increasingly flight delays have more to do with factors beyond an air carrier's control however the attitude with which their staffs respond in those situations makes a huge difference in whether the delays-dislocations are tolerable or not.
My recent trip from DFW to MSP was exactly this way. The DFW agents were rude and uncaring, wouldn't even look me in the eye. The agents in MSP were fantastic. They were great, friendly, and said thank you to me, while looking at me. The difference in these two places was really an eye opener for sure.
ADXbear 2
Isnt it one in the same?... Why must airline travel be such a hassel, especially for the Handicap..
This is the sort of attitude that gets a flight launched on time even if a passenger’s seat is contaminated with dog crap. (See recent Delta incident). Yeah, service matters...
I think his poll was taken in New York City. In the south we want service with a smile dammit.
Can't remember if it was Herb first or Colleen echoing the sentiment that Southwest was a 'customer service company who just happened to fly planes'. Customer service and timely performance aren't mutually exclusive. If enacted properly, they compliment one another.
Pure rubbish - this is just another way of justifying upcoming service cuts..

I have been a loyal AA customer for almost 40 years but instead of giving them my usual yearly 200K+ EQM's, this year, I am going to get my 100K to qualify then go for a status match (or 2)-

The "project Oasis" initiative shows that AA has no respect for anything but it's bottom line -i understand that this is a business but why should i be loyal to them when the loyalty is not reciprocated - especially since DL is investing in their premium cabins

it's a shame to see their domestic product going into the toilet at the same time their international service has greatly improve- (as long as you are flying on their new planes and not the 767's or the old USA flying garbage.

They will feel it in the next cyclical downturn (there always will be one) when they lose their premium customers.
Parker has not figured out that airlines are a customer focused business. You take care of the customer, and the money will take care of itself. What made AA a great airline from the start was better service than the tail at the next gate. Since Parker took the reins they have done their best to turn the airline into a bus company.

If they would concentrate on service, the planes will arrive on time, and Doug will not need to include his pocket change on the balance sheet to impress investors.
how true, how true.....

Parker's comeuppance is going to be during the next inevitable cyclical industry downturn when the leisure traveller demand falls off and his one-loyal premium customers (like me) have jumped ship.

Delta is getting it right (or at least saying the right things) and it's worth a status match.
I fly 150,000 miles a year, including a lot of international flights. AA on time performance and customer service both suck. So, now AA is saying we will be on time but service, food, attitudes will all get worse? Can't wait for my next international flight next week. Should be really super.
indy2001 2
Thankfully, I haven't seen any decrease in customer service at AA. If anything, it has improved. The last few times I've flown, including both short- and long-haul flights, the AA employees have been very friendly and helpful. Almost every flight has left within 5 minutes of its scheduled departure time, the exception being an aircraft that had to be checked over after a bird struck the windscreen during landing. That was taken care of in less than an hour and we were kept informed throughout the inspection and authorization stages. In fact, I can't recall the last time I encountered an unhelpful AA employee. The boss may not know how to combine good service and timely departures, but thankfully his employees do.
Cansojr 1
Doug have ou been reading those things your service hand out to passengers at the end of a shxxxty flight. Don't believe your own propaganda. Assume your service is rated zero which it probably is and work from the bottom up.
I did 28 years military time & got spoiled flying on AF transports. Grant you the seating sucked, but if they told us we were taking off at 0745 I can tell you we were on the runway & throttles were coming up at 0745. Really rare to not take off on time. Oh yes we did inflight refueling of F-16's while going & 2 hours & 50 minutes from Tucson to Panama City Fla. Unreal all the cities we get to visit any more. Left Tucson & flew to Detroit, then on to Atlanta & eventually to Panama City on a civilian jet. Flew all darn day. My time as a civilian isn't worth anything?
dee9bee 1
1) The price of the ticket is King. 2) If that's the way a paying passenger is treated, non revs don't have a prayer.
Given the choice, I'll take being on time every single time. I buy my ticket online. I check in at the online or at the kiosk. I drop my bag at TSA. I don't even want a Coke on the flight. At what point do I even need customer service if the plane is on time anyway?


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