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Southwest Airlines suddenly grounds 34 planes in its fleet

Southwest Airlines had to abruptly ground 34 Boeing 737-700 aircraft on Thanksgiving Eve when the low-fare behemoth discovered that the maintenance paperwork related to the grounded planes was not in compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety directives. Per an FAA mandate, Southwest was required to do immediate detailed visual inspections of the 34 grounded aircraft. A Southwest spokesperson said the carrier voluntarily followed the FAA mandate. ( 기타...

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While I applaud Southwest for quickly realizing the issue and taking action, I'm still wondering how you "voluntarily" follow a MANDATE???
Allegiant made the voluntary part.
The article indicated the grounded a/c were bought used and required inspections for damages occurring before purchase. Did the repair paperwork not come with the the bird? Was there some question on the repairs themselves?
Still the best domestic airline in USA. Best in customer service, fair to all!!! I only had good experience with Southwest even in case of disruption due to weather, getting late to the airport etc.. Not so with other airlines, United bumped me even though I was at check in counter 1.25 hours before the flight because the flight was overbooked! The reason?: We cant check in your baggage because it is already less than one hour before the flight, but they wasted 20 minutes by disappearing in the back room! No compensation given- I got cheated and never flew again with United ever!!
At least they grounded the planes and got the inspections taken care of quickly. Thats better than some of the other airlines would have done at that time.

Dubslow 8
Well, keep in mind that the largest fine ever levied by the FAA in its history, was against Southwest in the last 2 years relating to its shoddy maintenance paperwork. So unfortunately they have a history in this aspect, and it's hardly because they're safety minded -- more because they know they're already under a suspect eye from the FAA.
Could be worse... you could be Allegiant..
About the only ones grounding Allegiant aircraft are pilots declaring an emergency.
In my humble opinion, Southwest is and has been for decades the safest airline in the air. I’ve been flying Southwest since 1973.
Incorrect, that was the 2nd largest at 10M. The largest was against Boeing at 12M.
darjr26 2
Didn't that have to ground a lot of airplanes recently due to weight and balance paperwork issues? Maybe with all of their paperwork issues they should only be flying paper airplanes.
canuck44 2
Southwest has ongoing problems with paperwork it would seem. They probably should invest in a "Red-Green" computer system to ensure maintenance done at any level is recorded to FAA standards and all required schedules met. They could probably make a few bucks selling the same system to other 737 maintainers.
Cause my wife & I a 2 hour delay Thanksgiving morning, not please with Southwest at this point.
Lol what’s 34 Aircraft gonna do to a fleet with over 700 aircraft in their fleet
Put a crimp in their schedules for a while.
Disrupt passenger travel schedules and holiday plans
...about 5% less to the fleet.
All well and good if you or your family wasn't bumped, I reckon.
Light casualties are never light to the casualties.


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