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Southwest-Delta Lawsuit Takes Turn, Other Airlines Could Enter Dallas Love Field

In another attempt to solve the ongoing controversy at Dallas Love Field Airport, the city of Dallas crafted a resolution that, if enacted, would force Alaska Airlines to accommodate additional flights Delta wants to fly out of Love Field. Additionally, Southwest would have to continue to allow Delta to fly its five daily flights out of Gate 15. Both of the forced accommodations would occur for a minimum of three years, the city said in the court filing. This proposed resolution comes in the… ( 기타...

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simstick 4

Better link that doesn't require registration.
Delta have been Evicted because who was letting Delta use certain gates leased those gates to someone else. That someone else is not obligated to let Delta hang around. If I know this, I am sure their Brainy lawyers know this, and the city of Dallas doesn't have any B--ls to tell Delta they are out of luck, that they have to find somewhere else, those gates are now under Southwest, and if SW wants yku out, you got to get out. Now what is there to Litigate?
Law is just being used as a tool here. Eventually it gets too expensive to defend and an accommodation is reached
it's called lawfare.
i bet boring's lawyers are behind this. just another way to get at delta for buying airbut/bombardier C series.
American and Delta would like to see Love shut down. Southwest been a thorn in their sides since DFW was built.
This is my take on Love Field and The Wright Amendment.
The operation of Love Field has absolutely nothing to do with airlines, airplanes, or the aviation industry. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero.
The basis for the continued operation of Love Field, in direct violation of the agreement between Dallas/Ft. Worth/FAA to close Love and Meachum, respectively, prior to constructing DFW, has nothing to do with airports.
In order to begin to understand the reason for the continued operation of Love, you need to realize this is Texas. And in addition to that, get your head around the fact this is Dallas.
The basis for the continued operation of Love is due to someone being blackballed from joining a country club. Someone was cut out of the royalty of a land deal in an oil or gas exploration project. Someone’s son or daughter refused to escort someone elses son or daughter to the debutante ball. Please note, in Dallas culture, that was still a very big thing back in the 70s. And last but not least, someone made fun of someone else on a golf course. This is Dallas.
I realize this is an aviation blog. And everything is about aviation here. Or should be.
The problem that so many have when addressing the Love Field topic is they do not ask the question that goes to the heart of the situation. The real problem is they do not even know the question to ask.
So what i’m going to do is tell you that secret question. And then you will understand the love field situation.
The question is this:
if Cliff Barnes owned a sizable stake in the development of DFW, what would J.R. Ewing do?
you’re welcome.
n9341c 5
Paul, please don't break the prozak in half any more. Take the WHOLE thing tomorrow, OK?
I've flown into and out of Love Field many times after the opening of DFW, so I know that the operation of Love Field has everything to do with airlines, airplanes, and the aviation industry.

The agreement between Dallas/Ft. Worth and the FAA was rendered moot by federal legislation. Happens all the time. Since the agreement was rendered moot by federal legislation, saying that Love Field operates in violation of the agreement is meaningless. It's like saying we are all driving in violation of the national 55 mile an hour speed limit enacted in 1973. Federal legislation enacted in 1987 rendered the 55 mph national speed limit moot, and we don't say that we are 'violating' it when we legally drive over 55 mph on our highways today.
you so totally miss the point.
you live in delusionville and google is your friend.
I get your point. I suggest that your point is meaningless. Dallas Love field has utility for the public. Federal legislation recognized this and nullified the previous agreement so that customers would benefit. And I have been one of those customers.
Add more gates or open gates up to all bidders, of course SWA is against both.
Only 20 gates, and SW has 18 of them. But Delta was using it in 2009, before SW came in. But said gate was "owned" by a third party that changed the lease?

oh boy.
I don't understand "Delta was using it in 2009, before SW came in." I flew Southwest into/out of Love field in the mid to late '90s. I don't think Delta was operating at Love at that time.
That was a from the dallasnews link (below). I'm wondering if Delta moved in in early 2000s or something.
My point is that Southwest has been flying out of Love Field for decades. Delta was the newcomer, not Southwest.
I am not in on the INS and OUTS of all this,I am only responding to the Article that was supposed to informative of the matter. It doesn't matter who was first or last to use those gates, what does matter is who is the "Under New Management" due to a Leasing. If it's SW, Delta "New Management" says leave. Once again, what is there to Litigate?
Delta needs to get over it. IF they are flying in and out of DFW, why do they need Dallas Love? If that were the case, why are they not flying into PHF as well as ORF? Why not fly in and out of PUJ in Paulding County Georgia as well as Atlanta (there have been accusations of payoffs to keep airlines out of the airport to county commissioners apparently).

Delta rules ATL and would take over the whole airport if they could, **** 'em.


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