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An-225 marks 30 years as world's largest aircraft

Antonov is marking the 30th anniversary of the maiden flight of its unique An-225, as it prepares to surrender – possibly – its title of the world’s largest aircraft to another six-engined giant. For three decades the ‘Mriya’ – the Ukrainian word for ‘vision’ or ‘dream’ – has reigned undisputed, setting several world records. The An-225 was developed from the four-engined An-124, modified with a stretched fuselage, broader 88.4m wingspan and six Ivchenko-Progress D-18 turbofans. ( 기타...

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It may be the 30th anniversary, but one must set your watch back 50 years to operate the systems on that aircraft.
If it works then it is should look at the bright side of the story i.e.the innovation,the achievement and the successes which is still flying till now.hats off to this flying giant .
i thought is over 80 years technology
Big nice machine


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