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3D-printing to save the aviation industry

Montreal - Air travel will become more affordable and more environmentally friendly with 3D printing technology in the near future. The airplanes of American Boeing and European Airbus already have a few components produced with 3D printing. ( 기타...

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If anything 3D Printing would mean more money for the airlines with very little going to cut airfares.
AWAAlum 2
I would think higher profits are what all companies work towards.
Sites like this where the article is phishing for your information should not be permitted here.
"3D-printing to save the aviation industry"
lynx318 2
Anyone else concerned over the structural integrity of 3D printed products?
I can guarantee you that the structural engineers are very concerned about them. 3-D printed structural parts will have to go through the same rigorous validation testing as other materials/processes before they'll ever be certified for flight. 3-D printed metal parts are essentially "castings", minus the mold, and will most likely be treated as such by the structures folks.
"3D-printing technology can lower the weight of an aircraft by 55% on average."

Q/ Is that because it can lower the weight of the average part by 55%, and if you made every part ... ?

Q/ May I wonder about the quality of that factoid?
I did NOT CONSENT to the phishing. Watch more carefully the articles you publish, Flightaware!
lynx318 1
If you ate using Chrome, add BehindTheOverlay to manually get rid of the popup so you can read the article.


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