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Frontier Airlines passengers got sick after reportedly drinking bad airport water

Passengers on board a Frontier Airlines flight from Cleveland, Ohio to Tampa, Florida fell ill on Tuesday and bad airport water may be to blame. Tampa Airport spokeswoman confirmed that there were six ill passengers and their primary symptom was vomiting. The airport spokeswoman went on to say that the sick passengers were evaluated and released. ( 기타...

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Interesting the press jumps on Frontier. If it is an airport issue, what does Frontier have to do with it? Then again,what about passengers on other airlines using that location on that date??
A typical case of Fire, Ready Aim. Only the new media in a rush to get the scoop.
They had the fish instead of the chicken. Sorry, couldn't help myself on that.
On a serious note, I just read that although Spirit hasn't had pax illness coming from CLE but they are also investigating.
"I am serious....and stop calling me Shirley."
darjr26 7
I think we need General Ripper to investigate this. It sounds like loss of essence to me.
You shouldn't drink water; Fish urinate in it
According to the late Harry Anderson fish did something else in the water too. LOL
It was WC Fields that said it first.
dee9bee 6
Am I missing something? All the pax were on one plane, though one poster also refers to a Spirit plane, also, perhaps, maybe. The chances of getting bad water on the plane (coffee) is much greater than getting bad water at the airport itself. Sounds like we're acting in "an abundance of caution" as the lawyers like to say these days.
It was some article I read through my Google news feed. The headline made it seem Spirit didn't want to take chances with the local watee either. It's just one of those bizarre cases.
DaveRK 5
Concourse A serves, Frontier, Spirit, Allegiant and Icelandic.
Frontier has the gates at the far end of the concourse. There is 1 water fountain at that end, so I guess it's possible only Frontier passengers could be affected.

FWIW, doesn't it takes a couple of hours for a food/waterborne illness to show up?
A CLE to TPA is about 2.5 hours long, and considering when anything onboard would be served, if the illness was from anything served onboard, seems pretty quick.
I'm just sayin' :)
I recall a flight attendant telling me one day, "I've got seven pax barfing in the cabin."

"You think it is food poisoning?"

"Nah, one sick kid and six sympathy pukers."

Unless they track down a pathogen, I rest my case.
vixemail 1
I drank pond water as a child, pretending to make a cup of tea and used sand for sugar. I had nearly instantaneous diarrhea. I think bad water with bacteria produces fairly timely results.
It could have been from one of the food vendors in the airport. I haven't heard any mention of that.
DaveRK 2
Except for a "newsstand with prepackaged snacks and sandwiches (I hope no ones eats) near Frontier's gates, the food vendors are all at the beginning of the concourse, so all the airlines could have been affected.
I'm only 4 miles from CLE so I never eat there and now, that's a really good thing!
LW P 1
It could be a heavy contamination. Yuck.
the article is not very clear..i am guessing the water fountains at the airport were not clean or were contaminated with something causing the vomiting??water served on the airplanes is bottled, but they do get "potable water", as its called at the terminal to fill resovoirs for coffee,etcetera..strange..if frontier is the main carrier using those gates that is probably the reason frontier is mentioned...
They closed the drinking fountains at Cleveland airport
msongy 4
Headline: "Frontier Airlines passengers got sick and vomited on a flight after reportedly drinking bad airport water" Fifth paragraph: "However, Cleveland Airport spokeswoman Michele Dynia told CNN that it has shut down a handful of water fountains for out of caution. However, the publication also noted that health officials are still unsure the exact cause of the illness." This is a case of news agencies that prefer to report it first and wrong as opposed to second and correct. Who needs to wait around to get all the facts?
Stagnant water sitting in small diam, low flow, and/or very long CW supply lines to DFs or EWCs may be the source of contamination. If all sickened flyers used the same airport DF or EWC, they should band together and demand a settlement from the airport, or hire a qualified attorney.
People will do anything to get out of paying for something.
Most likely from E Coli that grows in the potable and coffee water tanks. They are supposed to be checked regularly but i am sure they are not..
M. R. 1
I wasn’t clear on this. Did they get on the plane or in the Airport. I think I understood inflight, I bet they drank from sink in the lav.. that would absolutely do this. The airport is being testing water fountains though. It could’ve been anything in sink basin or the handle was contaminated
Hi lovely peeps. I honestly feel bad for these people. However until the source of contamination is exactly proven/tested. We really do not know what has caused this. As mentioned it can be the water used in tea or coffees. Let’s hope this is sorted very soon.


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