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Dutch Government Buys 12.68% Stake in Air France-KLM

In a surprise revelation, the Dutch Government has announced it has purchased a 12.68% stake in Air France-KLM. ( 기타...

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The merger of KLM and Air France was from day one doomed to fail. The France mentalities and the Dutch are completely different. France is yes yes tomorrow we will do better or it can wait until tomorrow, De Dutch we have to do it now or we go under, so boys go for it.
All those people who have been on holiday in France experience the quietness of the Francs, to the fatalistisch side.That Air France is going down there is no one interested in that fact , yes and then SO WHAT . We'll see tomorrow tomorrow. The Dutch they are not that way, they want results and not tomorrow, but today. Incomprehensible that they got caught in the France beauty wrestling.
Such world traders have looked blindly at the short-term money, now they have to pay for it, but the shareholders are no longer looking at long-term returns but the short-term gain, that they are drive the company to the cliff with there greed , they are not interested,money now !!!!!!!
Surprising that the French minister Bruno Le Maire responds in this way, because the Dutch government has been pressing France to sell its shares for some time already. The French have refused. So the Dutch government decided to also buy a share. Now the French talk of hostility...
the dutch have to fix things promptly for the water is rising
being in business with air france is troubling on several fronts: costs, union troubles, over staffing just to name a few. What's a nice airline (klm) doing that with air france?
You're right, they don't really fit culturally (I'm Dutch). It was a forged marriage: At the time of the merger, KLM was not making profit and had a debt, and Air France was making a small loss and had a good financial position. Now, KLM is making much more profit than Air France with fewer aircraft.
Hey Fortnitepro,

Lucky me ,I am not Dutch!
I would rather be a rat than a Dutch looser .


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