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Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Smashes Wing During Turbulent, Vomit-Inducing Landing Attempt

If at first you don't succeed, as the saying goes, try, try again...and if that still doesn't work, divert to another airport. At least, that seems to be the version of the axiom followed by the pilots of a commercial airliner earlier this week: On Monday, a Boeing 737 flown by Southwest Airlines was forced to abort its landing at Connecticut's Bradley International Airport after three failed attempts to land in high winds, including one that caused the aircraft's wing to… ( 기타...

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Someone need's to kick that captain in the try it once. if winds persist, you divert. Pax lives are worth a hell of a lot more than an hrs diversion...idiots.
From AVherald:
chalet 1
This cowboy flight crew should be fired and the airline tellig their pilots that hencefort such actions shall not be done.
dmanuel 1
The article reports the wing slapped the ground (not sure what constitutes a slap), but ends with the statement that it (aircraft?) repeatedly slapped the ground, perhaps to spice up their descriptive report.
Although not relative to this flight, I was surprised that a 10 year old would use a 9/11 reference.
there is a video shown many times with regard to aircraft and weather and winds,where a plane is literally pushed sideways while trying to land,bounces around and finally makes it..pilots have the weather information available, and its their discretion to land or go around or even divert if needed,,with radar and assist from the tower..there are also windshear and windspeed devices..
bbabis 1
Another story that makes me so glad I rarely use the airlines. If I was on that flight I believe I would have tried to storm the cockpit before the third attempt.
Why do these so called journalists use words like "slaps", "scraping", and "bucking"??? Is it an attempt to demonize aviation? Or just to scare pax?

Sure, let's get back to horse and buggys because it's safer. Ooops, one can fall off a horse. Instead, let's all just WALK!!! Idiots!!!!!!

BTW. 30 mph winds?! Uh, that is 26 knots. So, unless it was a direct crosswind... Maybe pilot inexperience(?)
They're just ramping up so they'll be ready with the right spin when/if the GND takes effect. This way they'll be able to point back to pre-GND stories and say they've been warning us for years.
Now where up to damaging jets during landing with southwest. I mean it sounds like they need to regroup and come up with a new game plan instead of just letting things go because eventually there going to have another major incident and wonder why.
And two why sue the mechanics. They seem to be preventing you from having a crash by not sending planes back into service so quickly.
Jim Quinn -1
A few years ago, luggage handlers at St. Louis purposely sent my luggage to a different airport in another state when I checked in during a union dust-up. I should have known when I was dropped off at the curb with my luggage and I saw the picketers. I did get my case a day late after it arrived at my home 135 miles from DAL. I certainly believe that these union members can be a bit of a problem so I do not doubt that there is something to the company's claim.
The mechanics & union would do NOTHING to jeopardize peoples lives, actually quite the opposite...but you try working without a proper contract for 6+ yrs and see how you I am not supporting the union, but I am supporting hard working mechanics!
Jim Quinn -1
I see your point, and I do agree about them not jeopardizing lives. But my experience was more about mischief than safety issues and I call that the "union mentality". I'm sure they'll work it out on both sides and I have no hesitation whatsoever about flying Southwest.
Sorry, folks. Extreme weather, induced by climate change (more energy in the atmosphere) is going to make flying increaasingly dangerous and unpleasant.
You've got to be kidding! AOC would be proud of your ignorance.
bbabis 2
Give us a break Allen. Start thinking for yourself. It will do wonders for your outlook on aviation.
Sorry Allum, climate change is a fraud foisted upon low info dweebs by the likes of al whore and bill nye who isn't a scientist. There are a number of facts which I shan't present, so as not to bore you... suffice: the same "scientists" bitching about global warming/cooling are the same twits who can't accurately predict weather eight days out.
This is coming from the same airline that declared a "Trump like Maintenance Emergency" . . . Geez, I only fly SouthWest, now I have to start thinking about it . . .


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