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Pilots trained for one hour on ipad - 737 Max 8

Pilots received one hour of training on an iPad for new 737 Max 8 because it was considered to be the same type rating as 737-800 ( 기타...

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Consider the largest MAX fleet with the most air time has had zero crashes and crews seem to know how to "fly the airplane" when technology fails. All technology fails eventually; even in an analog 6-pack. Experienced pilots train for when things don't work right. I doubt Southwest pilots have had only an hour on an iPad.
dflegel 0
We also don’t know whether SWA, UA or AA Max 8s have the optional (required) equipment. It’s like the airbag(s) in your car, it helps when it’s needed.
Southwest didn't but are adding AOA. Don't know about UA or AA but I would bet the don't.
I really hate the internet sometimes.
I hope they somehow turned ipads into VR display and used it as a training tool...
And this now sounds awfully like the British midland crash... Where the captain shut down the wrong engine on a new Boeing 737-400, because in previous 737 models AC only come from right engine, not from both on 737-400...(left engine was damaged and surging, right engine was working, captain shut down the right engine instead of left engine because from the burning smell he automatically thought the right engine was faulty...)

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You are absolutely correct. The uncommanded / runaway trim procedure has existed on the 737 since the first 737-100 was built..... and it's a memory item.
yatesd 1
In a statement, American Airlines said, “Boeing 737-800 pilots were required to receive some additional training on the MAX 8, which included an hour lesson on some differences. Additional training was not required, as the 737-800 and the MAX 8 have same type certification.”
C56XL 2
The article states:
"The system, known as the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, or MCAS, was incorporated because the plane has larger engines placed further forward on the craft, and so has a chance of facing a stall at lower speeds than earlier 737 variations."

I believe that should read "HIGHER" speeds than earlier 737 variations. Either that or LOWER angle of attack (or even both of those statements combined). If the aircraft stalls at a lower speed, then there is less danger. Maybe a little proof-reading is in order before publication. Just sayin'
Chris B 5
I hope that the FAA has the courage to kick whoever considered an Ipad training course adequate for type approval.

Heck, my son used an online "course" before he took his computer based driving permit test. Never read the manual.

He failed.

I made him read the manual.

He passed.

Lesson learned.
who on earth at boeing did not think this through just a bit? The real question is not whether certain persons keep their jobs and bonuses. There may be culpability all over this and a few hundred folks in indonesia and africa are dead from this. Boeing will swiftly fix this oversight, and within a few months follow up orders will come in. but for the public and the pilots will have residual warriness indefinetly. Boeing aircraft are not supposed to bit ya in the ass.......
You know they all will...there will be a couple of low level clerks who get blamed, because they have not one to pass the dung to.
Back when I was working on security alarm systems I did an after hours call at someone's home. I did what was requested and the customer then asked me how to change/erase the codes to arm/disarm the system. I told them and left. I went home and had to call them to get codes in the system. The customer had erased all the codes. The alarm's maker let them. Their malfunction.I had run into that earlier and got the instructions from the maker's tech people during normal hours. The panel was in a mode after the panel was 100% unpowered. The customer was able to get into the panel to disconnect the back up battery. I would disconnect the plug-in AC power. I used to carry a replacement transformer when on site. Those transformers have fuses in them. Do not short the wires when it has power. The customer knew where the transfomer was plugged in. The male of the house was not able to do all of that,the female was able. I then instructed which buttons to push during the power up period. In that period There were areas in the progaming to put in the codes. I wrote the areas in my installation paperwork.As a result there were no more fees for me going back again. We were on the phone over 1/2 hour.
SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS.I used to fall asleep reading manuals and my manager let me get a panel for home study.
I guess some training is better than no training... But even that is not nearly enough to be consider Adequate..... I agree with "Chris B" - "...kick whoever considered an Ipad..."
Is that enough one hour training on iPad ?
is this ipad training while driving to work?
These attitude augmentation systems have been on both Airbus and Boeing aircraft for over 15 years!!! Airbus A-330s had this same pitch-down problem caused by erroneous data from their ADIRU being fed to the flight control computer leading it to believe the plane was pitching upward and forcing the nose down. Just google ADIRU or Quantas flight 74 of October 7, 2008. Clearly inexperienced pilots caused both crashes!!!
I seem to think it is more than that in this case.... Some issues that I have is that the system could not be disabled by a push button and there was not a message on the screens to say what was happening and proper information and training was not released by Boeing... Everyone here knows I am a HUGE Boeing Supporter, but here, I think Boeing Dropped the ball.
This is so awesome, and to think what it took to solo my first time in a 150 !
power always changes angle of attack, that is ... if the auto pilot is off
It still changes the angle of attack.... It is just that the Auto Pilot acts faster than you do.


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