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Photo: First Delta Airbus A330-900neo Takes Off

The first Airbus A330-900neo for Delta Air Lines has taken off on its first test flight out of Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in Southern France. The brand-new A330neo, which is set to become Delta's newest twin-aisle airliner, performed a five hour, 54-minute flight around Southern France. ( More...

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Relics 7
Look forward to flying on the new bird when she arrives!
Edward Singh 3
I been on every airbus plane i enjoyed the flight on the A 380
john kilcher 1
Particularly the A-330. Many flight from Detroit to Europe on this bird. One trip via Air France on an A-380 was particularly sweet.... and that was in economy. I know the scale of economics as well as the evolution of 2 engine a/c made this magnificent a/c obsolete. I'll always remeber that filght.
Edward Singh 2
I was on that air france A 380 to paris, that was the best flight i ever had, i been on the A350 that was good too, i been on the 787 dreamliner and the 777 200 and 300 they are all good planes.


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