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The 15 Oldest Airbus A320s Still Flying

First flying in 1987, the Airbus A320 may still seem like a new aircraft, but it is in fact over 30 years old. While neo (new engine option) models and even plenty of classics still roll off the Toulouse production line at an impressive rate, we thought we’d take a look at some of the older examples still flying. ( 기타...

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Relics 4
Awesome to see Lufthansa has a large portion of these. Still flying thru the years.
Love the mostly America West / US Airways livery on ZS-GAP
So? DC-9 at 32 years of age (at least) were being flown by NWA and DAL as late as 2014

Better “Awesome” here based on how many years the 9 was flying and the airframe, if I am not mistaken, morphed into the still used MD-80 series.
btweston 1
Saw that coming.


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