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Airbus Family Video

Celebrating 50 years since its creation, Airbus conducted a formation flight that included representatives from each of its in-production commercial jetliner families – the A220, A320, A330, A350 XWB and A380 – along with the company’s BelugaXL airlifter. ( More...

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SmokedChops 13
fantastic! I don't care which camp you are in, this is a beautifully shot assemblage of aircraft. Would have been cool if they could have pulled in A306, A310, A318, and A346 make it a complete family portrait - must never forget your ancestors.
japanjeff 2
Yea, I was a bit disappointed they didn't have the "legacy" planes... I'm also partial to the Airbus 321, but I can understand only having one plane from the 320 family ;)
Any thoughts on where this took place? The 220 clearly shows a Canadian Flag on its port aft fuselage at 0:57 and 2:07, but hard to make out any markings on any of the others (I think I see a "D" tail number on one of the planes as well).
David Tsai 2
It looks like LFBO to me.

The sign in the background at 0:29 says Toulouse, St. Martin, which is the location of an Airbus facility. At 0:31, there's a map that looks like a nearby body of water. A few seconds later, a close-up of someone's notes mentions runway 32L, which is the nearest runway to Airbus at Toulouse.
Yes, I love Beluga.


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