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Physical Pilot Strength Delaying Boeing 737 MAX Re-entry To Service

Pilot strength could be delaying the Boeing 737 MAX’s re-entry to service. Reports have suggested that some pilots may not have the strength to operate the trim wheel in emergencies. ( 기타...

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Its software that controls the forces required to adjust the trim. Its Boeing that controls the software used in their planes. Why do they blame pilot strength? My wife's car has lane departure warning and assist activated if the turn signals are not on. The force is about the same as a one inch berm over the lane markers and a steering wheel shaker buzzes. What would anyone say if the software required the strength of a strong person to overcome the software induced correction? Would anyone in their right mind point a finger at the driver? Why is it OK to blame pilot strength for Boeing's programming?
Son, they're going to blame anyone they can.
And you would blame Boeing if your ice cream was too cold, so I guess you're even.
Boeing has ALREADY ADMITTED that THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE for the issues with the 737 Max. Give it up already! I bet you are still waiting for all the coal mines to reopen as well, aren't you?
We're not talking about mcas. Coal? Is that your version of a mama so fat joke? I don't get it.
If you shut off the electronics due to a fault, the mechanical wheel is still available for trim as it has been since the first 737. Without electric assist, the trim can be so difficult to adjust that one crew member needs to push the plane into a dive to relieve forces on the trim so it can be cranked. It may take several attempts to get the plane trimmed. Always has been this way. Report is the Ethiopian first officer did not have the strength to turn the trim wheel. Has not previously been an issue because there were no electronics forcing it out of trim in the first place. The question is do they need to add a power assist to trim which would be a major modification with lengthy certification.
Your wife's car. You have got to be kidding.

There are certain physical requirements for driving an airliner and there are certain physical requirements for driving a car. They are different. Boo hoo.
linbb -5
Really? At what speed is it being tested at? It was certified that the max speed at which it could be operated at was around 300kts.
linbb -9
Read the story, is a rumor at the best asks the public what they think? Or at least any troll with an internet connection to comment Dumb stupid worthless comment as its unfounded another we gotta post something from another fake news rag that MH likes.


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