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Korean Air Captain Tried To Drink During Flight, Cabin Chief Got Demoted

There’s an incident that has come to light that took place on a December 30, 2018, Korean Air flight from Seoul Incheon to Amsterdam. According to the report, the flight’s captain walked past a tray of pre-departure drinks and tried to take a glass of champagne, but a cabin crew member blocked him, saying he can’t drink alcohol. He responded that she could then give it to him in a paper cup instead. Hours later the captain once again asked the cabin crew to bring him a cup of wine. The crew… ( More...

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Cansojr 26
That makes sense demote the whistle blower gets demoted for reporting a captain who sounds like he might have a substance abuse program. He should be in an alcohol diversion program and the whistle blower should be compensated for this safety issue.
Jim T 5
Oh I agree! Korean Air seems to have their brains up their Korean exhaust pipe. But isn't that the way a lot of companies are with their HR departments and any form of ethical concerns? IE: Hide the evidence and blame the whistleblower for making things out of proportion. In reality the Captain should have been Demoted but able to keep his job after a alcohol abuse program was successfully completed, the co-pilot should have received a written warning for creating an adversarial work environment. The Cabin Chief should have been rewarded for reporting a pilot who could result in real harm to their customers. But they just want to pretend "If I ignore it, it goes away"
Lucio DiLoreto 20
What can we learn from this? Do not fly Korean Air under any circumstances.
tandoor 9
Was thinking same. Never fly with Korean Air.
Cansojr 1
I will follow your lead Lucio!
treborselpats 11
Typical Asian airline justification. Whistleblower tried to do the right thing but is punished for the outcome which brought shame to the airline over the internal conflict. Asian way of thinking..outcome which brings shame is more important the the initial action which caused it in the first place.
Asia is a huge continent that includes not just Korea but Japan, India, China, Russia and 40+ other countries. There is no "Asian way of thinking."

Korean Airlines has had a long-standing problem with its corporate culture that values deference to the hierarchy over empowering all crew to speak up when they see something that could be a safety issue. They have had crashes in the past due to this. This problem is not uncommon among formerly state-run airlines whose flight crew are disproportionately military trained, which is not surprising given the military's respect for chain of command.

Any airline can overcome this if top management makes a commitment to create a culture that values safety over everything else. Korean Airlines has struggled to do this, but not because they're "Asian". Plenty of other "Asian" airlines do just fine. I'd fly Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines or Cathay Pacific any day!
James Murdock 1
Not right to call it Asian way of thinking. Every other whistle blower retaliation story I can remember was US based.
treborselpats 4
Please read correctly the statement that was made. I am criticizing the style of management prevalent at many of the Asian airlines due to cultural norms. Whistle blower cases are not as prevalent in Asia as in the US. Having worked for an Asian airline in the past I am very familiar with this topic.
Po Lau 0
One might think "...the importance of ... being able to provide honest, unvarnished...", but the Commander in Chief thinks whoever did it is a "wacky," "a very stupid guy", a "pompous fool", and the whoever is gone. I see a pattern there. With all due respect, may I point out to you that this pattern is not necessary inherent in the so called Asian way of thinking, but one that sits deeper in human psyche.
TERRY Smith 5
Is there any airline out there trying to head-hunt a switched on Cabin Chief? An added bonus is that he speaks Korean.
Greg S 2
This is another unfortunate example of when purely cultural differences can affect safety. The deference to authority and seniority that is normal part of most Asian cultures is wrong in team safety. In that environment everyone should be responsible for safety and double-checking co-workers. The cabin chief did the right and should be rewarded, not demoted.
a1brainiac 1
News like this always makes me feel so much safer flying....
jack cagle 1
I guess I’m just going to have to brush off my resume, and go run an airline.
Frank Harvey 1
Didn't KAL have to punish a Cabin Crew for serving their Superiors with nuts from the wrong bowl some time ago ? Now not only does this Cabin Crew refuse a direct order from their Captain, the Man in Command of the a/c, but then they so disrespect him that talk about it behind his back ! It seems to me that at KAL discipline is breaking down. Perhaps this Cabin Crew needs to be flogged (or maybe even hanged) for mutiny !
Fred J. 7
No, it's worse than that. The daughter of the founder who was an executive VP or something, didn't like the way the cabin crew served nuts while taxing to the runway ad she made the captain turn back around so that the cabin crew could be ejected from the flight.

The amount of bad news coming from Korean Air and Asiana are really incredible. I mean, in terms of airlines and number of incidents or bizarre behaviours over the last couple of years.
Snitches get stitches lol
Rich Boddy -1
Did this guy seriously not watch Flight? What a fucking idiot lmao


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