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Flight attendant union calls cramped airplane seats 'torture'

Washington (CNN) - Flight attendants feel the pain of cramped aircraft seats, too. ( More...

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The airlines are providing what people want, the lowest fares in history on most routes. If I ever take another airline flight it will be in business or first class, and then only in an emergency.
joe danser 2
yes it is.. please continue to try and get this taken care of. it sucks being cramped in
ok..i totally agree...but its actually funny the flight attendants union is just now coming to the conclusion aircraft seats are too cramped for safety and comfort???
MultiComm 1
I live in Atlanta so Delta is my primary airline but recently I flew across country on American (one of the newer A321) and the legroom was greater than any Delta flight I had been on recently. I didn’t feel near as cramped.

As a side note: it’s been several months but last time I was on a Delta 717, I was astonished how tightly packed those seats were.
ian mcdonell 1
Agree with you Scott - both your comments
To all who complain - If you dont like the seats dont fly
ToddBaldwin3 1
I wish I had that option. Unfortunately, I can't afford the weeks it will take to cross the Pacific on a boat, and my employer wouldn't be too happy either.
steve jenney 1
and the worst are American and JetBlue. Spirit is great...noone can recline on that 2 hour flight into your face
MultiComm 1
Be careful what you ask for. Smaller planes are going farther and farther. A little recline sure makes it easier to sleep. The newer seats on Delta don’t even invade the leg space anymore. The chair slides forward while the back slightly reclines so unless you are sitting with your needs in your lap, it should not be as much a bother. Other Delta planes are reducing the recline by an inch or two which sucks. Long flights and no recline is not fun.
ADXbear -1
The crappy small Lavs and narrow seats have become stupid represntation of each airlines character.. as a result, I encourage my senior friends to start early and Drive.. I have not flow in 4 years.. miss the old days, but not today..
By the way :) google Russian, and maybe North Korean airlines, and see if you'd like to fly them - if your against capitalism. and companies being profitable.
Rob Carlassara -2
Out of control capitalism. Plain and simple.

Time for the people to control .NOT the "senior executive"

Strength in numbers. And don't get me started on the 737MAX issue.
You can't "CONTROL" what people are willing to pay. The reason the big 3 sell basic economy seats, is to compete with discount fares from Alegiant to Spirit. Where they add fees for everything.
You want to be in First or bottom of the barrel, we have that fare. It's not out of control btw, it's what the market can bare, simple economics. Most airlines with 3 class international aircraft, have eliminated First and only have Business class and Economy, but now - low and behold, are going back and Adding Premium Economy. Again modifying the seating and fares to what the the current trend is. And the big 3, now have four classes on most international aircraft. Biz, Premium Economy, Economy Plus (United's term) and back of the bus Economy.
although you have some good points to make,in actuality, the idea of varying fares in the airline bases of f/c,y/c and economy is not began in the late 70's and early 80' when someone in the marketing departments of the various airlines decided it was a great idea to have 100 or so ye23345 type coach fares that had to be purchased when the moon is full and only if its a Tuesday departure!!!about the same time, a v.p at american airlines came up with the idea of the frequent flyer programs, that spread like wildfire...instead of improving travel and getting more business travelers,the airlines started getting people who were affectionately called the "bus people",and since that time,airlines have added and deleted and then added again more and smaller seats on aircraft,making it a cramped situation..i remember in the late 70's working at continental and the joke at that time was a "new " fare structure that included an economy fare called "chickenfeed" fares..the joke among employees was "chikenfeed is what you need,chicken""""is what you get!!later on I went to work for another major airline, and we had to ticket the people with those many strange fares,and advise them of the is and was a real mess to deal with..


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