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Passenger Trapped In Toilet Causes United Airlines Boeing 737 Diversion

All seemed well on a United Airlines flight from Washington’s Reagan National Airport (DCA) to San Francisco International Airport (SFO). However, midway through the flight, a passenger had an unfortunate incident. The door to the lavatory would not open, leaving the passenger trapped inside. Thus, the crew made the decision to divert to Denver International Airport and free the United passenger trapped in the lavatory. ( 기타...

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I would not like to be the one to be trapped in those cramped lavatories while landing!
I very much agree Kobe!!
Pileits 1
I was somehow locked inside a SouthWest 737 lav one time. No big deal I just told the flight attendant I was fine and to advise the Capt to complete the flight and have maintenance come on board and open the door for me. NO PROBLEM


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