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UPS delivery drones are on the way after FAA certification

UPS might soon be dropping off packages across the US by drone. The Federal Aviation Administration granted the UPS Flight Forward subsidiary air carrier and operator certification, allowing it to use drones for commercial deliveries. Flight Forward is the first company to claim the Part 135 Standard certification, and it'll be able to operate an unlimited number of drones. The machines and their payloads can weigh more than 55 pounds and UPS can fly its drones at night. ( More...

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william baker 4
Something tells me this sounds like a good idea but what about other objects in the air or when the lose power???
MultiComm 1
I suspect they will have “autoland” capability of power were to get low (like several of the drones on the market right now). Doesn’t prevent third party damage though.
Richard Fox 1
Spot on Willy. I agree with you sir.
dardav 2
did we not maybe witness the destruction of a oil refinery by drone actions. How do identify what is flying around out there in sensitive areas. The results of unintended consequences are going to be what??
Frank Harvey 1
I do not know of the current situation (10/2019) but within the last 2 years there was no state or federal authority which responded to unidentified drones operating (performing aerobatics for many minutes) over several nights directly above a nuclear power plant. The offenders were never identified.
if we were a nation of civil PEOPLE THIS MIGHT BE A GOOD THING. as we show ourselves to
be a collection of crackpots, I would suggest this technology be tested on a different lot.
Frank Harvey 1
How long before we have "Droneways" ?

Maybe 350 feet (000 to 179) and 400 feet (180 to 359) AGL over highways with speed and separation limits and climb/descend shoulders beside the "Droneway".
ok..i am old fashioned I guess...drones have proven quite useful as tools for real estate agents,weather channels and places where you cannot drive or send in a boat or rescue vehicle to observe and get information..they are a tool for military personnel and the police in searches and safety checks..i kind of like the old big brown ups trucks with no doors, the friendly drivers in their brown shorts,and sometimes being handed the package by a real person..i am not sure if this idea will help or hinder the ongoing issue with people (at least in my city) stealing packages off the porch!
Frank Harvey 1
Some of the thieves have an accomplice and follow Buster Brown on his rounds, picking up whatever he leaves on porches. Thieves are less likely to be able to follow a drone which, presumably, will only be capable of single-package delivery trips.

Drones are also very useful for close up power pole insulator and transformer inspections (sparking can start fires), locating the source(s) of leaks in nuclear plants without necessitating shutdowns and ascertaining the condition of damaged hazmat-carrying freight cars in trains jackknifed in tunnels.
Franco Prizzi 1
noise also at night ????
Frank Harvey 1
Abatement rules stipulating permitted hours of operation.
Franco Prizzi 1
hope so
MultiComm 1
Just howndid UPS get certification before Amazon who pioneered this idea?
siriusloon 1
What's the over/under in hours before somebody shoots one down, either for fun or out of fear of "black helicopters"?
btweston 0
Whatever it is I’ll take the time under.
Joan Williams 0
I think there is going to be pros and cons but a lot more cons also your going to have a lot more injuries on the ground than airplanes. You mine as well drop packages from an airplane.
SmokedChops 10
"as God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly" - L. Nessman 1978
Frank Harvey 2
Real turkeys can fly. Its the fat "domesticated" version which cannot.
Frank Harvey 2
As the Ag correspondent at WKRP, Nessman should have known this but he was so obsessed with hogs that he probably ignored all other farming.


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