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Woman manages to get past security and onto Delta flight traveling from Orlando to Atlanta

A Delta flight was delayed while passengers were re-screened after a woman boarded the flight with no boarding pass who had also not passed through airport security screening. ( More...

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Pete Boxman 8
I don't understand why she was not arrested after she was removed from the plane.
SorenTwin 2
Doesn't say she wasn't. Doesn't say she was either. It only states that charges are being considered.
Bernie20910 6
I think what's going to be discovered is that this woman came in on another flight, had some kind of mental breakdown, somehow used her boarding pass from a previous flight to get on this one, and her carryon (still on the plane) contains her wallet and ID. Or some set of circumstances like this.
AWAAlum 2
Not sure, but I don't think wasting someone's time is against the law.
AWAAlum 3
Well, that was dumb. I meant to post that comment to Mike Mohle re suing the woman. Sorryyyyyy
Highflyer1950 15
45 min to get her off the plane? After refusing all crew requests, whatever happened to the old days when the Police would get a straight back wheel chair, clear two rows ahead and behind the pax refusing to get off, then show that person the “Taser” on your belt and say you can walk off or be wheeled off, your choice and you have 5 seconds to decide.......just kidding, makes you wonder though.
n9341c 4
The reason for the delay is because of United Flight 3411. 80 people with cell phone videos managed to turn a total and complete psychopath into a "victim of the airlines". The DL crew was obviously doing everything they could to keep the situation from escalating. Trust me, if they'd have tried anything physical to get this nut job off the plane, the social media brown shirts would have been out in force calling out DL for removing an innocent passenger for doing nothing at all other than insisting this was her seat.
Cindy Savage 10
The gentleman was a licensed physician who purchased a ticket. Hardly a psychopath.

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Kobe Hunte 2
Wow it makes me wonder what extent you wouldn't like!
The hell?...
jetserf 1
It wasn’t United.
It was Chicago Department of Aviation Security officers who dragged Dao off the flight he was involuntary removed from and it was a United Express flight operated by Republic Airlines. I doubt United has any control over police actions and protocol but ultimate oversight of their partners (which I would remind increases the cost of the ticket) is certainly an issue that I am sure has been thoroughly addressed and remedied.
dkenna -6
I think they should have beat him unconscious so he couldn’t say anything as they dragged him off.

Here come the down votes.....
william baker 2
Well ya for one it was a Female not a male lol.
dkenna 1
I was talking about the doctor who was removed
Security theater. Needs to be removed entirely, it’s a waste of time and resources that could better be spent elsewhere.
darjr26 5
Wonder what “group” she was in?
Mike Mohle 10
The passengers should be able to sue this woman for wasting their time and possible missed connections, meetings, etc. Also, I get a rectal exam everytime I go through the airport, so how did she get into the Secure Area and through TSA as well, not to mention on the plane! Our govt at (not) work.
Chris B 2
I always used to think that Orlando had the toughest tightest security...

Well Apparently NOT.
william baker 6
Have we been watching Airport again lol. Her name wouldnt have been a Ms. Ada Quonsett is it lol.
I don't think the woman is a "con artist",nor trying to get a flight for free..i think she has some definite mental issues and thought she was "all set" to go..its surprising she was not caught by the tsa scrreners at first contact..however, she did managed to get through security screening and onto the plane without a boarding pass issued,using her phone..the first thing tsa asks you for is your photo id issued by the government,not a phone picture,and the second thing is your boarding cant just "wave" a cell i understand the new systems allow you you to run your phones boarding pass bar code over the gate reader to board,but thats not the case with tsa (or is not supposed to be)and this woman could not have forged a seat number on her security and even worse,lax procedures by the gate should refund all of those passengers their ticket fees..
The Last flight I took a few months ago TSA scanned the boarding pass from my phone, so I think it is implemented now. Regardless of a phone pass or a physical boarding pass, it is crazy she got this far.
Cindy Savage 3
This episode kinda reminds me of the time a woman placed 2 bottles of juice in my groceries, set on the conveyor belt ready for the cashier to scan. She had in earbuds and was singing a hymn and didn't respond to my "excuse me". The cashier refused to scan her juice, she'd done that thing before.
James Simms 1
Doesn’t sound like she’s right in the head
n9341c -3
I think you're exactly right. This and so many other examples like this make me think the airlines are totally within their rights to require a "fit for flight" document from each passenger, certified by their primary care physician or psychiatrist.
so you want passengers to get clearance from their doctor to fly? When is your next appointment? Make it soon.
Bernie20910 4
May I see your "fit to post comments" certificate, please?
Cindy Savage 3
"Oops, our bad".....TSA. I will say what they will not.
sarafinc 2
This episode make some. "sense", I get on a Delta plane in Atlanta, passing through the security protocols... arrive in MCO and decide that I can't deal with my in-laws and have to go back to Atlanta pronto. Fortunately, thank goodness, theirs a flight back to Atlanta in this concourse. But as luck has it, I curtly pass those that are scanning their boarding passes and sit in a seat that has been assigned. Oh darn...picked the wrong seat...
canuck44 1
Should have just strapped her in the seat and dropped her off after the neg or two....Say Billings Montana
ken young 1
I have always had to present ID at the security screening.
And again at the gate.
Total breakdown of the system.
All who worked that process need to be suspended and then of they desire to keep their jobs , required to go through training. Also demotion to the lowest pay level.
btweston 2
Why, when the system itself is broken, do people always want to go after some low ranking person’s job?

You don’t know how it happened, and you’re implying that a bunch of people working for different organizations coincidentally decided to slough their duty. I doubt that’s what actually happened.
WhiteKnight77 1
It has now been reported that the woman is not facing any charges in this whole fiasco. If she tried to use a boarding pass on her phone, and just waved it as some are presuming to do, then why did she did state that she threw the boarding pass out. She should have been charged for breaking into a secure area, but as to why she wasn't, no one seems to know.
ken young 1
"if she tried"?
So, you posted this without knowing any additional details other than that which is reported in the story.
WhiteKnight77 1
As I am in the Orlando area and have heard something about this almost every day for a week, including the fact that she isn't going to be charged lets me know what has been going on. She told authorities that she threw the boarding pass out. So, how did she throw a pass out if she used a phone boarding pass?
Jakub Bialek 1
This all screening is one big bullshit. Inefficient and obtrusive (dare I say abusive?) to innocent passengers. It only takes one such woman to take down a plane full of people...
scott8733 0
Makes one wonder what exactly the 'beep' does on the scan machines TSA has.

I feel for the affected pax, but the reality is DL won't proactively reach out to them. All they'll get (if they log a complaint on the website) is an insincere apology and 20,000 lousy miles, which is about as worthless as a one-armed wallpaper hangar.
n9341c 2
Why should they? The problem was the nut job who shouldn't have been flying on an airline, ANY airline. Oh, and I'll take the 20,000 miles any day.
strickerje 1
Delta bears no responsibility for failing to stop someone from boarding without a boarding pass?
Leon Kay 0
My wife and I were also seated on a Delta flight ready to depart from Atlanta to Tampa. A rather rude and angry American woman turned up and accused us of having taken up her seat. After we managed to locate a flight attendant, she requested to see her boarding pass who pointed out to her that it was for another flight. The American woman then disappeared without even apologizing.
Edward O'Neal 6
How is it relevant that you described her as an "American woman" (twice)? By your own statement, this was a flight from one U.S. airport to another.
Leon Kay 3
My apologies for making it sound that I am running Americans down. My wife and I visit the USA every year and find American people very friendly and tolerant.
Cindy Savage 5
Wow. How'd she get on that flight. The computer at the gate should have not recognized her pass as valid.
Did you look at her birth certificate? Her driver's license? Her passport? Or some other document that clued you in that she was American?

Or did you just profile her?
Hirouchida -4
I bet she just waved her phone at each security station. Instead of having her stand aside until she was able to show an easily faked PhotoShop the highly trained agents of the TSA let her pass. I wonder if they asked her if she wanted fries with her order as they have been trained at their last job. Same issue at the gate.
unitcharlie 1
Forty-five minutes to mitigate a threat is curious and/or a sad commentary on the current state of fear regarding terror threats and political correctness... could she have been a plant to test aircrew reaction time? Could she have been a test for TSA? If she was a threat she would have been dragged off or wheeled off in a stairway chair after being tased or shot... My concern is she passed a security check point and the blue plate specials didn't figure that out until she'd had ample time to bomb an aircraft, kill some folks or squirrel away in a shitter...


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