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Air Transat Launches First Transatlantic A321LR Flight To London

Canadian leisure carrier, Air Transat, launched its inaugural transatlantic service with its recently delivered Airbus A321LR. The long-range single-aisle jet took off from Toronto-Pearson International Airport (YYZ) on October 8 and arrived into London-Gatwick (LGW) the following morning. ( 기타...

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the avalanche of transatlantic narrow bodies is underway, public comfort be damned. How do passengers find a way to walk about the cabin to prevent stiffness, cramping, blood clots etc.?
Right on, Patrick. I'd even rather ride on one of Air Canada's creaky, 31 year-old 767s. Give me wide-body every time!
"rather ride on one of Air Canada's 767's". Now let's not be too hasty in choosing an alternate airline!.
jptq63 2
You are sounding like Benny Hill (or Ben Franklin); Give me an older woman every time.... :-)
Well there is only 6 left in the fleet - unless your talking rouge.. you’ll probably be on a trip7 or 87. But I’d still take the 767 over Transats a310.. which is technically aircanada now too- oh never mind lol
mdburd 0
How is this any different than the 757s that bounce back and forth over the Atlantic?

You want more room? Don't fly this carrier. Choice is something we all have.

The last transatlantic trip I enjoyed, I started out flying west to LAX-- because I wanted to fly the Air France A380 going eastward and the 777 coming back-- both in first. Plenty of room there, should thoug decide to fly it 😁
mdburd 1
Should you decide, that is...
How is this their first transatlantic A321LR flight? They have been doing flights to Nice and Bordeaux from Montreal since they first took delivery in May.
I am not a big fan of Air Transat, although I am from Toronto. I have family who have flown Air Transat to Toronto, and they hate it.
The Airbus A321LR is, for sure, one of the most fuel-efficient aircraft ever to exist in the aviation market. If this aircraft hadn't existed, this flight wouldn't have happened.
If this aircraft hadn't existed, this flight wouldn't have happened.

Well, that certainly is true.
Maybe... This flight wouldn't have happened if this aircraft hadn't existed. ???
I can see that. Well, I haven't flown the A321LR yet.
I absolutely agree with you.


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