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Air France Studies Stretched Airbus A220-500 For Future Medium Haul Fleet

The Air France-KLM group is today holding its 2019 investors day. Here the group announced that Air France could order the Airbus “A220-500” in the future. This would be used to develop its medium-haul fleet. ( 기타...

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boeing's myopic board and executive officers let this aircraft slip away into the nuturing hands of Airbus, and that goof alone ought to make the company make the board walk the plank.
They had the chance to buy it, but they thought they could kill it. This helped Airbus to get it for literally nothing.
You must mean Boeing try to assassin the C Series and the Bombardier Air. Boeing brillantly lost the war again.
Well if the engine issues keep going the A220 wont go far. Airbus and Pratt and Whitney need to get on the ball and start fixing these engines before delivery.
Skuttlebutt has it a "drop in" saviour may be in the works...and nada to do with P&W...they had their time and dropped the ball badly. Many middle fingers have been pointed to P&W by Swiss, Air Baltic and Bombardier.
Who’s the saviour if there is one lol.
That is the $1mil money is on CFM with a modded LEAP unit, although wouldn't rule out RR.
I think Airbus has had it with P&W. I could see hiccups along the way, but these "disasters" bolted under the wings are way past that point. Like I posted in another squawk, Air Baltic, along with Bombardier, changed 50 engines on the then CS300. Air Baltic only had 13 craft back then so that was like having almost every craft getting 4 different engines.
Do you have proof on what you are saying? I doubt-it
It's called skuttlebutt for a reason...and I do not doubt it!
Well there are also 160 engines needed to be changed in India. I mean were are all those engines coming from??? And some of those planes were built and delivered 3 years ago. I mean yes we will always have reliablity issues but when it comes to daily thats not just reliability thats poor design. One of these days I fear an A320 dropping out of the sky due to engine issues and what are they going to say. Oh we didnt know about the problem??? I mean The 737 max issues are only being fixed becasue people persised in the crashes. RIP but the saying is if it aint broke dont fix it well its broke in this case so fix it. And yes I believe your correct it has to be CFM but I say article someplace talking about it and If im not mistaken I think it was a joint venture by GE and CFM and someone else but im not really sure. Either way they need to get these issues fixed or ground the plane till they are fixed before someone perishes for lack of responsiblity and fauly design.
CFM is already GE...the company is a joint venture between GE Aviation and Safran Aircraft Engines
I knew that I was just seeing if you were paying attention lol
Truth be known my brain was sleeping because we were talking about the A220 and i screwed up talking about the A320 lol.
They have two different motors from P&W to C Series (A220); in Swiss Air vs airBaltic.
So no more problems now.
No they do not. Both use the same Pratt & Whitney PW1500G engine.
BTW, as taught early on in technician training, an engine is an internal combustion unit such as an automobile engine or a jet engine and a motor is electrical drive.
this will be a huge seller it will put the 220 right ware the bulk of 737 and 320 sales are, 220 advantage is that it will a much more modern and efficient aircraft .
Yess! The A220 will be a huge it world wide! It is the best airplane engeneering for airplane of this size in the world with the latest technology!
What the many orders within a year.
Boeing lost credibility from now on and for many years.
Off-topic, but I noticed something else in that slide: common type rating for A330, A340 and A350. I hadn't known that.

The A330/A340 commonality doesn't surprise me: they launched at the same time and are essentially two- and four-engine variants of the same airframe.

But the A350 came much later and was supposedly a clean-sheet design.

I ask those of you who know more than I about this - is this a problem waiting to happen, as some claim the "all generations" B737 type rating to be?


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