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Boeing CEO Muilenburg won't get most of his 2019 pay

New York (CNN) Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg will take a significant cut in pay for 2019 and 2020, according to the company's new chairman. In an interview on CNBC Tuesday morning, Dave Calhoun, who was named Boeing's chairman last month when the board stripped Muilenburg of that title, said that the CEO called him Saturday morning to suggest he shouldn't take any stock or bonus money for this year. The pay cut is due to widespread criticism of the company after two fatal 737 Max… ( 기타...

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Why does he still have a job?
They need to cut his pay to $0.00 and send him packing
Well, that's all very touching, but he still doesn't get it. When he said that Boeing has made mistakes, and is learning from their mistakes, he talks like a failed politician. Boeing learned a long time ago how to build airplanes that would fly without fatal "mistakes". What Boeing did was diluted its culture somewhere along the way and forgot that its mission was to build airplanes without "mistakes". The Chairman's comment that the 787 MAX was not Muilenberg's problem shows that the new Chairman is also out of touch on accountability. When it happens on your watch, you own the problem regardless of who started it. Muilenberg had not just arrived on the job when the problems occurred, he'd been there for several years and should have had the management controls in place to prevent the problems. Sorry Boeing, I'm not buying any of your "spin".
Seen on the Boeingozo's desk: <- The Buck Stops There ->
well, that is aobut half a start. culpability, incompetence, short sightedness, stupidity, and he still get seven figures? what is going on here? no pay, walk the plank, no parachute of any color, and a date with the grand jury. for a start.....
i saw dave calhoun on a business cable show long form interview. He is smooth, evasive, speaks well, but is little more than icing on a poop cake.You would not take from that inverview that boeing was in any existential crisis, that culpability exists anywhere in the boeing universe, that all is needed is to go on tv, grit one's teeth, say we will fix it and smile. amazing.....
that is unfortunate for him,however,when you are the man in charge,the ceo in this case,all of the issues and problems go back to you and the shareholders hold you accountable..the 737 max has been an example of negligence on the part of designers and engineers who put the aircraft into service,and it cost actuality,he should be replaced as ceo..
Muilenburg needs to go one way or the other.
jbqwik 4
He still won't admit his involvement, says he "wasn't aware...".
The CEO of any company is responsible. If he was "unaware", he should put down his drink and the golf club and get involved because that is his job. Fire him.
Both he and the chief Regulator should be behind bars. Somewhere in all this is the supposed training departments the airlines have. They just seemed to have ignored this feature.
He ought to be flat out fired!
I cannot stop crying! And be convicted by the judicial system? no? Nobody died?
I have said the he should have been fired months ago. If you are the top dog. Then a failure such as the demands that you fall with the bones. Adios. Enjoy retirement and pray every day for the loss. I pray the cost of the system did not play a part in the loss of lives. Let your conscious be your guide.
Good question. This poor excuse for a CEO should have been fired.
a lot of people died and he is still employed with millions of dollars in pay. Then, who went to prison? Who was the negligent then? When somebody dies for negigence, somebody goes to prison. Who was the greedy executive under HIM.
This man is delusional, and quite frankly, disrespectful as hell when you can look people in the face and just make excuses. Especially when the house at Boeing is seemingly coming down.

737 max
Cracks in the 737NG
Dreamliners issues with it's oxygen system

Top that off with Airbus pulling away from the competition and it makes me wonder what world these people live in. Unreal
Yes let’s not forget about the P&W powered A320 Neo’s And their problems, or the RR powered A350 with its issues. 🙄
Classic deflection.

Boeing execs should (or shouldn't) be paid based on their performance in the Boeing "universe". What Airbus or anybody else does or doesn't do should be of no concern.
The deflection came in the form talking about Boeing projects that have NOTHING to do with the Max. Miss me with that bullshit.
Thank heavens the poor thing is still getting some pay.
john doe 1
I was beginning to worry about him.
SOOOOO When is going to prison for negligent
...."yea, that bandaid will stop the bleeding until we get the head back on"......
How is poor Dennis gonna survive when he's used to 23 MILLION a year salary + bone-us? This is all so harsh an cruel. Shouldn't he still at least get a performance bone-us of 20 million or so to tide him over during his time of duress?
Muilenberg should have been fired or done the honorable thing and resigned. Losing the Chairman title does little to show that he is the one ultimately responsible for the Max debacle. As a Boeing shareholder I find his continued presence as CEO to be an insult.
Most of the posts on this thread sound like democratic cry babies. FIRE HIM, JAIL!!!!’ Dear God


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